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Brennan Lost A Tooth

Do you remember how hard it was as a kid to watch your friends lose their first tooth when you hadn't lost yours yet?  Poor Brennan has waited and waited to join the club. So many of his friends lost their first tooth in Kindergarten but not Bren.  We thought he had a loose tooth clear last April but it never fell out.  At his dental appointment in October I asked his dentist about it and she assured me there was nothing to worry about.  She even found he really did have 2 loose teeth at that appointment.

Finally, on Thanksgiving Eve, Brennan lost his very first tooth!  We were at my parent's house for supper and the kids were all playing.  They came running in to the kitchen to announce that the tooth has fallen out!  Somehow while they were crawling around on their knees it just popped out - we think maybe Bren's tongue pushed it out.  They all had to look on the floor for it.  Luckily Aiden had a sharp eye and found the tooth.  It was quite the deal!

I'm so glad I had my camera there that night!

The tooth fairy was very kind and brought him a $2 bill and a new electric toothbrush, which he loves.  Quite the Thanksgiving excitement!

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  1. Ha!! My friends lost teeth way before me! In fact, my baby teeth practically refused to come out. I'm pretty sure my dentist had to pull most of my teeth, that's how stubborn they were!

    That's going to be on Thanksgiving that Brennan will likely never forget! And look how thrilled he looks holding that little tooth. Also, I love that your tooth fairy left a $2 bill - you don't see those often, PLUS a tooth brush. That fairy sure is smart. ;)

  2. Carter was the same way. He didn't start losing teeth until his 2nd - 3rd grade year. Now we are just waiting for them to come in because that boy needs braces like no other. He was blessed with my teeth. We gave Carter $2 for the first tooth and $1 for everyone after that... the tooth fairy didn't want to go broke.