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Life has been fun and busy and crazy lately.  I’ve been enjoying life instead of writing about it, thus the lack of posts.  I have no idea what my plan is with this little blog of mine anymore.  Some days I feel really excited about writing about what we’re doing but most days I don’t have the enthusiasm for it.  It might be a month before I blog again, then poof, there will be a few posts in a row.  I know that stinks as a reader, I have given up many blogs in the past due to lack of activity on them.  I will forgive you for giving up mine, promise!  In the meantime, here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

Yesterday afternoon I took Brennan, his 2 friends and Aiden to a trampoline park about an hour away.  They had SO! MUCH! FUN!!!  I was totally convinced after 30 minutes they’d start to get tuckered out and I’d have some company in the waiting room.  Nope, they jumped the entire hour we paid for!!  They just loved it! I was a little jealous of all of their jumping, I wish I would have gotten myself a ticket, too.  IMG_2133IMG_2137IMG_2140

Do you know how hard it is to get a good picture of them while jumping? I need to learn how my camera works so I can change the setting off of ‘auto’ and capture these fun bouncing moments!

After the trampoline park we ran to DQ and got some ice cream.  Yum!


This silly little guy has found a new toy.  Actually, it’s a comfy spot for him to sit and rest with his Snuggle Blankie.  It’s the seat/bouncer that attaches to our baby swing!  A couple weeks ago 2 of my cousins came over for a play date with their little boys – one is 3 months old so I brought the bouncer up for him to sit in. Since it’s so dusty in the basement I haven’t taken it back down there to store. Well, Tatie Tot found it and has been obsessed with sitting in it ever since!!!  It cracks me up.  He can climb into and out of it all by himself. Sometimes he sits in it on his knees facing backwards and bounces himself.  He really cracks himself up doing that!

And speaking of climbing…


The big boys love climbing in the trees around here.  My folks came over one Sunday afternoon and my mom hoisted Tate up there with the big boys.  3 pictures and this was the best one, ha! 

And he climbed up on his Fisher Price parking garage.  First time he’d really climbed up on anything!!!  Next will be chairs!

Aside from all of that fun we had another bout with a stomach bug here at our house.  This one was much less nasty than the last one, thank goodness, but still – who wants to be sick?  Brennan was down with it for 5 days, basically really tired and diarrhea.  Then Tate had 2 days of nasty diapers.  Then Aiden got it Sunday night, threw up once and then just had a sore tummy all Monday.  Monday I had a sore tummy and was extremely tired but by Tuesday we were both mostly back to normal.  Then yesterday poor Andy got it.  Same as me, sore tummy and tired.  I am praying so hard that we are D-U-N, DONE, with sickness for the year!  Enough is enough!  And it’s freezing cold out again so I can’t open the windows and air the house out like I normally would.  Erg. Frustrating!

That’s been our life in a nutshell lately.  What have you been up to?

~ Erin


  1. It looks like you've been busy! My kids loved going to the trampoline park, but it was SO crowded! I really wanted to jump, too. It looked like so much fun!

  2. We went to a trampoline park in KC for Marcus' birthday party with the family this year. All the kids had the best time. And I just LOVE how tired and hungry they are when they're all done. It's the best.

  3. Trampoline park looks fun. I know we have one about an hours away. I need to take Graycie.

    I miss you but I get the blogging thing. Sometimes I think I only do it because certain family members expect it, not because I want to.