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A Few Pretty Cards


It’s been awhile since I’ve shown off some of my card creations – mainly because it’s been awhile since I’ve made any!

March is another busy birthday month for our family.  We have 4 to celebrate this month!  Brennan, my sister Nicole, my niece Nora Jean and my MIL Vickie.

I don’t normally make cards for the boys because I know they will just get thrown away, plus they know the gifts are from me and Andy since we give them to them on their actual day and not at their party.  So, here are the cards for my sis, niece and MIL.


I always ALWAYS dislike at least one part of every card I make.  Whether it’s the embellishment, one of the papers I chose, the overall design, something.  But not this time! This time I was feeling it and I love every part of these 3 cards!  We have a wedding in April and I think I’ll make another card like the last one and use my ‘Congratulations’ stamp on it.  I just love the floral paper I used, it’s so simple and pretty. 

Talk soon!


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  2. NJ will love your pretty pink card!!!! And I love mine!

  3. Your cards are always so amazing. I love them all!!

  4. I absolutely love the cards you make. I still have the one you sent me. I also had no clue all your birthdays were so close. You just celebrated you and Tate. You all stay busy, all of that right on the tail of Christmas and Easter sneaking up.