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Tate’s Tubes


It’s 4:45 a.m. and I can’t sleep. Tate gets his tubes put in in about 2 hours.  I’m not worried, this isn’t a major surgery/procedure, but I just couldn’t shut my mind off all night.  I had a dream that we forgot to stop by Andy’s parent’s house to pick Tate up before the procedure so he had to run over to their house to grab him quick, hopefully not missing Tate’s appointment time.  I have no idea if he made it back for the procedure or not!

The worst part of this whole thing is knowing I have to hand my baby over to a stranger and watch them walk away together.  They used to let the parents go into the OR with the child until they were put under but not anymore. That sucks.  The second worst part is knowing that when he comes out of anesthesia I won’t be there with him for at least 15 minutes.  That’s 15 minutes of him crying and being scared and wondering where his mommy is.  That totally stinks!

Oh, then there’s the part where I can’t feed him after midnight.  Last week, Wednesday night I think, he slept all night long, didn’t wake up until almost 7 (first time in months, btw).  I thought, awesome!  If he can do that Sunday night we’ll be ok!  But no, as I type this I can hear him back there making noise, wanting to nurse.  So that’s going to be fun for the next 2 hours – I probably won’t be able to hold him much when we’re waiting for him to go in to the OR because he’ll just keep burying his sweet little face in my chest, begging to eat. 

Time to get ready for the day.  Have to be at the hospital by 6:30 so will be leaving here in less than an hour.  Have a great Monday!



  1. Thinking about you guys this morning!!!

  2. Good luck, momma and Tate. I know you'll both do great.
    M had a very simple and routine procedure at about Tate's age. I think it might have been more stressful for this momma than the little man.
    Thinking of you today!!!

  3. Hoping the procedure went well!!!

  4. Anxiously waiting for an update!!!!!

  5. I know it's a day late but you all were and are in my thoughts. Hoping he's back to himself soon!