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A Baby Shower


Saturday morning I threw a baby shower for my dear friend, Jenny and her little bundle, Paige.


We had the shower at Jenny’s house – it was closer for everyone who was invited and I thought it would be more comfortable for Jenny and Paige.  It worked out great.  I made all the food here at home and just took it with me and finished it there.  I made a quick queso dip (so easy, just a small brick of Velveeta’s Queso Blanco, a can of Rotel and a small chicken breast cooked and diced up small), cheesy bread, watermelon and gooey brownies. 

We ate first (duh!), then opened gifts.  One friend is a genius – she got Jenny a bottle of wine and made her 3 freezer meals.  Great idea!  There were cute outfits given and I made some of my burp rags and a soft blanket for baby Paige. 


We all had a fun morning together and enjoyed snuggling with Sweet Baby Paige.

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  1. You're such a good friend. :)

  2. So sweet of you!
    My FAVORITE thing to receive after Marcus was born was food. I had freezer meals prepped, but it was so nice when we didn't have to tap into our stash when others brought food over. And that wine? GENIUS!

  3. Paige and I loved our shower! Your friendship means the world to me!