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Tate At 5 Months



Tate at 5 months – definitely NOT a newborn anymore, he is full on BABY! 

-- Almost  sitting up by himself

-- Such a happy baby!  He smiles at anyone who will talk to him.

-- Can roll from tummy to back, sort of.  He has surprised himself a few times when he’s accidentally done it but still can’t do it willingly.  This means that he rolls over to his tummy in bed then gets stuck and mad before falling asleep sometimes.

-- Prefers to be on his tummy now, he can see around the room better that way.

-- Still refuses a bottle.

-- Strictly breastfeeding, will start cereal a week before his 6month check up so we can talk to his dr about it if things aren’t going well.

-- Went to the swimming pool for the first time, wasn’t too sure about it and hated when he got splashed in the face by other kids.

-- Still waking up once a night to eat, usually after 4 a.m.  Most nights he wakes up prior to that, has rolled over and needs put back on his back and pacifier in.  He’ll then sleep again until his 4 a.m. or later feeding.

-- He loves the entertainment that his brothers being home from school brings.

-- He found his squeal this month.  I was hoping he’d let one rip while at church but he never did (he has good manners), but at home he would squeal/shriek/scream so loud, it totally cracked me up!

-- Drool.  All the time.  Poor guy, those teeth must be doing some moving around but generally he’s happy through it all.

-- Tate at 5 months is such a happy little guy, I can’t say that enough!  He is always smiling, always squealing in delight, laughing out loud and giggling.  He only cries when hungry or to let me know he’s getting sleeping (or when his big brothers get a little too rough and crazy with him).  I have described him as a happy baby who is demanding.  Yes, he is so happy but he definitely requires a lot of attention, which I am more than happy to give him!  I don’t get much done around here during the day because I spend a lot of time snuggling, cuddling, kissing and playing with him.  But I don’t care, Tater will only be this age once, we’ll never have *this* day ever again, so I take advantage of being here with him and never take our time together for granted.


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  1. What a cutie pie! Jeanette will be 6 months tomorrow and is almost sitting up on her own. She rolls clear across the room now and I can't take my eyes of her for a second. The squealing/screaming is so cute and funny. I love when they use it to get your attention if you walk out of the room for a moment.

  2. He is just the cutest! I want to squish him up!

  3. He is too cute! Thanks for the update!

  4. Oh Tater I just want to smooch those cheekies!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love this!! He s so beautiful and wonderful. I cannot wait to see how D and Ben get along :)

  6. Such a happy boy - I love it!!
    Snuggle and kiss away. :)