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Blog Every Day In July


I’m having writer’s block today so going to use some of the prompts from the “Blog Everyday in July” series.


July 2nd: Guilty Pleasures

~ Watching crap TV in the afternoon’s instead of getting stuff done around the house. 

~ I don’t do this anymore but I have been known in the past to mix the first 3 ingredients of my homemade brownie recipe together and then I’ve snacked on that.  Those ingredients are the butter, unsweetened chocolate and sugar.  How terrible is that?!?

~ Laying in bed long after I’ve woken up in the mornings snuggling under the blankets

July 5th: Super Powers – what would yours be?

~ I’d love to be invisible so I could sneak around undetected and listen to people’s juicy gossip!  And so I could spy on the boys and really see who was the instigator.  And so I could go into Tate’s room and watch him as he’s waking up and looking around.

~ I’d also love the Super Power of teleporting myself to wherever I wanted to go with a snap of my fingers.  I could snap and be in Hawaii.  Or snap and be in my hometown getting groceries then snap and be back home to put them away (and maybe snap and they put themselves away, ha!).

~ One more.  I’d love the Super Power where I could tell people who are acting stupid just how stupid they were acting and then they’d be like “oh, you’re right! Sorry, it’ll never happen again!” and they love me for it.  Ha ha!!!

July 6th: Things You’ll Never Do

~ The other day on ‘Ellen’ I saw a ride on top of one of the hotels out in Vegas where you get in a roller coaster type car and it zings you off the top of the building then the rail you are on abruptly stops you from catapulting off in the nether regions.  It then pulls you back up and throws you ‘off’ again.  Uh, no thankyouverymuch. I will NEVER do that.  EVER. No, just no!


In other news, my dad had surgery this morning on his ear, the one that was damaged in his fall.  I heard from my mom about an hour ago, everything went well but the bones were damaged enough that they had to put a prosthetic in instead of repairing the bones that were in there.  They also did a skin graft on his ear drum, which was news to my folks when they got there this morning so I don’t know a lot of details about that.  He had to be semi-awake through the whole thing and when they were done my dad asked “when can I start baling hay?”  Guess he’s worried about getting that done, ha!  So glad it’s over, hopefully he’ll regain some of his hearing in that ear.

Have a great Wednesday!


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  1. Being invisible would be awesome. Wish I would have had that power in school so I could have snuck up to where the answers are and gotten 100%'s on every test!! hehe. :)

  2. Id love to be invisible for a day!

  3. Glad to hear your Dad is doing well? Those guys never stop working, huh?

  4. Hope your Dad recovers quickly! He's come a long way!

    Have you seen the "Tallest Water Slide" like ever that they built at Schiltterbahn here in Kansas City?! Google It! OMG! No way!

  5. I'd love to be invisible! Think of all the stuff you could see and hear. It'd be great (I think).
    So great to hear your dad is doing well.

  6. I've been on that rolled coaster! It's scary but so much fun:)