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I’m Crushing On You!

Happy Sunny Day, Loves!  It’s been, like, FOREVER since I’ve seen the sun.  Ok, not that long, but it really feels like it!  Snow upon snow upon snow here!  But guess what, girlfriend, they are calling for near 60’s by the end of next week!!! Ya-HOOOOOO!!!!  (Did I just jinx it?? Darn!)

So that I’m not the one and only loser out there not joining in on this fun link up, I am going to list the blogs and bloggers I have blog crushes on.  Do you follow?  Erin (love that name!) over at Living In Yellow is hosting, so just DOOO IT!

*Disclaimer: I follow quite a few blogs and love them all, so I obviously can’t list them all here.  Look to the left and bottom to see all of them.  I am going to only tell you about my crushes that don’t have 5 million followers, ‘k?  Here goes.


Shelli is the Beauty behind this blog, and gosh is she!  Beautiful, that is.  Inside and out.  Her and I have struck up a great friendship and I think the world of her!  She’s a wife, mommy and is on a weight loss journey like so many of us.  She also has a blog called Shelli Shabby Chic, all about decorating and crafting.  I love it! 


Meet Becky!  I just did!  And I heart her already!  Another wife and mom on the weight loss train.  One thing I loved about her right off the bat was the length of her emails.  This might sound funny but I’m a chatty girl and could write a page long email reply to every comment I get.  Most people don’t do that, it’s quick one-liners.  So when Becky replied to me she had actual paragraphs!  We had an actual conversation!  So I instantly fell in like/love with her.  Sounds silly but that’s how I roll. 

This is Sam.  Another gal I just met and I liked her right away.  A mom, wife, weight loss …. do you see a pattern here?  Guess these are the people I gravitate towards. Anyway, Sam is a fun blogger to read.  Her humor and funny quips crack me up and I really like her!


This is Kristen.  She’s so super pretty that I almost didn’t read her blog.  I kid, sort of.  (Ok, I really do kid.  I’m not that stupid!)  She’s spunky and fun and I really like her style of writing.  And she just had Hubby Jack spruce her blog up so you need to go check out her digs!


This is the last one I’m going to write about, but first let me say I love all the blogs I read and follow (or I would read and follow them!).  So check out my blog roll to the left and find some new friends!  Ok, Sheer Serendipity is Kadi.  Sweet, cute, spunky, fun and adorable!  I really heart this gal, too.  Another friend I’ve met out in the Internet Land.  She’s like a breath of fresh air, and she’s from Iowa so I heart her a little more just for that.  And she’s a fellow Hawkeye fan, so I heart her a LOT more for that!  One more thing about Kadi – she just hit 100 followers so she’s going to be doing a giveaway soon! Holla!

Please go check these gals out, they are all great and so worth getting to know! 

And now for a NSV (Non Scale Victory).  I have walked on my treadmill every single day since I got it last Saturday!  And today I tried running on it twice!  And it felt great!  Add to that I’ve done the March Abs Madness calendar every single day!  How are you other lovelies doing with it?  I found another Pinterest workout that I’m going to start and will share with you soon. 

Until then…



  1. So far, I've done the March Abs Madness calender every day. Let's hope the trend continues! :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I think you're pretty cool yourself =) Holla for using that treadmill! I got on my last night too ... I don't have one of those "fancy gym" ones with the built in tv, so I got a little ghetto and propped my tablet on it and put in my headphones and made my own "built in" tv ... So much more enjoyable than staring at the wall! =)

  3. Ah! Thanks for the shout out sweets! You just made my heart smile so big! :) Yay for sunshine and no more snow ! If you did jinx it I will hunt you down! ok maybe not really I loves ya too much :)

    Yay for the treadmill! I'm so proud of you doing it everyday this week and running twice!? You go girl! I have not done the march abs but am thinking about starting that next month as well as diet bet I really want to get on!

    You are such an amazing person and I'm so glad we found each other! I hope you're day is going GREAT!

  4. You are so sweet! Thanks for the shout out girlie!
    That is so awesome you are making good use of that treadmill - you will see results in no time!
    I love your blog too and am glad we are bloggy bffs! :)