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Happy Birthday, Brennie!

4! Today my little B-Bug turns 4 years old!!!  I just can’t believe my sweet little shmumpkin pumpkin isn’t a toddler anymore, isn’t a baby anymore and is a full fledged preschooler!  I’m sad for me and so happy for him.  These babies just grow up way too fast and this mommy doesn’t like it!

Here are a few ‘Brennie’ things to share with you.

  • He doesn’t like anyone to see him ‘nakies’ except for his mommy, it’s okay for me to see it because I have to help his wash his hair.
  • He loves to be outside, even when it’s freezing cold out!
  • He used to be so super shy and would never speak to any adults, even his aunties and uncles!  Now, if you’re lucky, you might get him to answer your question.
  • At home, he never stops talking and always has another question to ask.
  • He gets so excited to play with his friend, Brett, at school.
  • He has a steel trap for a memory when it comes to faces.  He recognizes his friend, Luke, on Facebook even though it’s been 6 months or better since he’s actually seen him in person.
  • He is a super picky eater and refuses to try new things.
  • One of his favorite places on earth is Papa’s farm, and he loves his Papa dearly…from afar.  When he is at Papa’s he clams up about his love and admiration for Papa.

Brennan is the other pea in my pod.  We are so much alike and my husband likes to tease me about that.  He is strong willed, stubborn, wants it his way or no way at all, fiercely loves, knows how to be tender and sweet to his mommy, loves rough housing with his brother, wants to be just like his daddy and we just love this little guy so darn much! 




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There he is, my little Love Bug. My heart walking around outside my body.  Happy Birthday, Brenner!



  1. Happy birthday to your handsome little man!

  2. He's such a cutie! I guess his love for Papa's farm explains why he wanted all those tractors for his birthday, huh? :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your little mister!
    I have to admit, I had a few tears as I read this. They DO grow up so fast, and sometimes this mommy has a hard time accepting that.
    I hope Brennan has an extra special day!

  4. Happy Birthday Brennan!! He is such a cutie!!!! Hope you all have a great day!

  5. Happy birthday brennan!!!