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Good Rule Of Thumb

Dear Grandma,

Do you remember how I always sent you a thank you card for any gift you gave me?  Writing thank you's is something I have always loved to do and so I am passing this kind gesture down to my boys.  This morning Aiden made a thank you for everyone who gave him a gift this Christmas.  With all of my scrap booking supplies I had plenty of material for him to use.  Then I wrote out a short, simple thank you for him to write on the back.  I should have taken a picture of his finished product to show you, they were funny.

I'm making a roast for supper tonight.  I usually either throw it in a roasting pan and roast it for 3hrs at 350 degrees or put it in the crock pot for all day with a little water and a packet of dry onion soup mix on top.  These methods work great because I think to make the roast the day of when it's frozen solid in the bottom of my freezer.  But today I planned ahead.  Today I am going to brown the meat in a skillet first, then cook it in my roasting pan "low and slow", the way  you're supposed to cook a roast.  Can't wait til 6:00 when it's ready!


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