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Christmas Stress?

Dear Grandma,

I don't understand why people get so stressed out during the Christmas season.  Andy and I were talking about it last night.  We wish we had more going on during the month.  Two weekends ago we had our annual family Tree Hop (on my mom's side of the family we go to each aunt/uncle's house to see their tree and eat snacks, a fun tradition started over 15 years ago) and that's the last Christmas event we have until this Sunday when we get together with Dad's side of the family for Sunday dinner.  We don't exchange gifts so it's more about getting together as a family, which is awesome. 

I don't go Black Friday shopping, which I know would cause me holiday stress.  I get all of my shopping done early because I love picking out gifts for family and friends.  I usually get those gifts wrapped fairly early, too, because I hate to see a beautiful Christmas tree with no presents underneath it.  I get together with my sister and mom to make cookies and candies early in the month.  Hmm, I'm sensing a trend here -- I get my stuff done early!  Even so, if I waited until later in the month I don't think I'd be stressed out at all, because it's such a happy, joyous season! 

The Friday after Thanksgiving our hometown has a lighted Christmas parade, and the last float in the parade always carries Santa in to town.  After the parade we hot-footed it over to Santa's house and were first in line to see Santa and give him the boys' wish list.  It was a fun evening, and the weather was outstanding (nice and mild)!  It's such a nice way to kick off the Christmas season. 

Here are a couple of pictures I thought you'd like to see, Grandma.  This first one is of us at the Christmas parade. 

The second one is the picture I put in our Christmas cards this year.

Merry Christmas!

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