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It's Sticking!

Dear Grandma,

We're in for a cold spell for a few days.  They're even talking about a chance of frost tomorrow night, which is about 3 weeks early for our average 'first frost' date.  We might not even get out of the 50's for highs tomorrow!  That's crazy.  I love fall but I have to say I am not ready for summer to end yet.  I'm afraid with an early fall that will mean we're in for an early winter, and I'm definately not ready for that!

Aiden has been learning sight words at school.  So far he's learned is, the, my, like, yellow and on.  So this morning with his flash cards of those words I laid out "I like yellow" and he was able to read it, his first sentance!!!  I was so proud of him!  I am so glad we decided to go ahead with kindergarten.  Next week I might change my mind about that but today I'm happy with our decision.

Brennan surprised me today by knowing the color 'black'.  I have not been very good about working with him on his colors so I was happy when he told me a marble was black.  Some days he knows green and every day he knows pink!  He surprised me about a week ago by counting to 14 all by himself.  We do a lot of counting so I'm happy to see it's stuck with him.

I need to mop the kitchen floor, have a great afternoon!

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