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Weekend Unload

Hey hey!  Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  We had a great one!  Our plans changed and so the long afternoon of ‘me and Andy’ time was shortened because we were given 4 tickets to the Iowa Homecoming game.  We took the boys and had a blast (even though we lost)!  This was both of their first times tailgating and this was Brennan’s first game ever.  He was beyond excited!  Everything was so new and exciting for Brennie, he made it all that much more fun!  Poor guy, though, he was so sad in the first quarter when Iowa hadn’t scored yet, he was practically in tears! True fan there! Ha ha!  By the middle of the 3rd quarter he was done with being there. The 3 guys dressed like bozo the clown, but with green hair, in front of us were super annoying and Brennan had just had it.  So we went up to the concourse and walked around and took pics.  Here are a few from the day.


We left in the middle of the 4th quarter and headed down to the campground to drop the boys off.  Then Andy and I went to a tiny town on the other side of our hometown to go to a BBQ/Steakhouse owned by some people who’s hair I used to cut.  The owner was a mailman in town for 32 years and then one day decided to live out his life long dream of owning his own restaurant.  He smokes his own meat, they make their own sauces and the food is AMAZING!!!  They’ve been open for almost 5 years now but this is our first time trying it.  A little pricey but oh so good!  A perfect place to go to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, career advancement or whatever!  So, I had the salmon, side salad and twice baked potatoes (that weren’t back in the shell but in a cup and holy smokes I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!!!).  Andy loves BBQ so he had the 1/2 rack of ribs, baked beans and garlic mashed potatoes (again, HEAVEN!!!).  One of their sauces was called Jalapeach.  Andy wasn’t brave enough to try it but he did love their Spicey and their Sweet sauces.  We were stuffed when we left so took a piece of Mile High Chocolate Mousse Pie to go.  That pie was so.damn.good, I have a little bit left to snack on today. Smile

Sunday we worked in the yard for a bit.  It was our first really cool Fall day.  I mowed the lawn while Andy and the boys cleaned out the garden.  It’s sad to see it empty but so nice to know it’s all cleaned up and ready for winter.  In the afternoon I headed to the basement and worked on some crafty stuff.  I made a birthday card, a wedding card and 3 gifts.  The birthday card went to my nephew who turned 9 yesterday (Happy Birthday, Charley!).  The wedding card I’m super excited about but can’t show you in case the bride stops by the blog and sees it.  Lets just say I feel like I outdid myself!


Same with the gifts, not able to show them … yet but there will be a tutorial coming up later this month to show you one of them.  Sorry for the teaser and non-info, I hate that!  But can’t ruin a gift, can I? 

And to top off our weekend we went to my sister’s for supper last night to celebrate Charley’s 9th birthday.  Supper was delicious: lasagna, a spinach salad her MIL made, green bean casserole, fruit salad and Crock Pot Cake and ice cream for dessert.  I can’t believe Charley is 9 years old already!  Next year, double digits!  That’s big stuff!  And don’t remind me that we’re only 3 years away from that ourselves with dear sweet Aiden.

Speaking of Aiden, I so adore that boy.  He is such a neat little guy with an awesome personality.  Last night I asked him if he’d rather get one present that might cost a lot but that he really, really wants or 3 or 4 less expensive gifts that he isn’t really that excited about.  His answer: “Well, if someone got me, like, the same Lego set I already have I’d be like ‘Okay, I can just have two of these’ and be okay with that.”  Ummm… LOL!!!  So proud he wouldn’t say “Hey, I already have this!” and would just be happy with it.  But then I finally got him to answer my q, and his answer to that was he’d rather get 1 present he really really wants than 3 or 4.  I’m happy he understands it’s not about the number of gifts you get.  He’s such a cutie, I’m so happy he’s mine all mine!

Now on to the week ahead. We have a busy evening schedule this week, I hope I survive!

My good friends Jodi and Alicia are co-hosting a Fall Swap.  If you’re interested in joining in on the gift swapping fun click on their names and check out the details on their blogs!  Looks like so much fun!!!


I wish you all a wonderful week! 



  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun this weekend... Thank you for spreading the word on the Friendly Fall Swap...The more the merrier!

  2. sounds like a super fun weekend! I am jealous of your long sleeves and pants. It's been in the 80's here still. C'mon crisp weather!

  3. I seriously love that picture at the game. If you are a picture Christmas card picture you need to use it!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend. sorry I have been MIA again... You guessed it.. Work overload!!!

  4. Girl, you had one BUSY weekend!! And, it all looks like so much fun.
    Look at you all crafty and cute! :)

  5. Awwwwww , your boys sound like such sweethearts! I'm glad you had such a nice weekend! Your dinner, and dessert, sound amazing!!
    And thanks so much for the shoutout!

  6. Looks like a great weekend Erin! That restaurant sounds yummy!

  7. Looks like you had a fun weekend! The pictures are freakin adorable. I LOVE that card by the way. You are so crafty!