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Well, I called it.  Just last week I was saying to Andy how I was surprised that Bruce and Kris Jenner are still together because, on the show at least, she treats him like crap, like a doormat, and that I wondered if the only reason they were staying together was because of the show.  I can’t imagine they want that bad publicity.  So I was watching an episode of the new season of “The Kardashians” and see he is living in a separate house in Malibu.  What happily married, even UN-happily married couple do that?  This is why I am so not surprised about the news of their split.  And I can’t believe I just devoted an entire paragraph to it! Ha ha!

(Andy just glanced over my shoulder and noticed my title.  He asked “Looking for Single White Women?”  I laughed. The guy is a goof ball.  And is the king of turning something I say that is totally normal into something sexual sounding.  Someday I will write down his ‘one liners’ and devote an entire post to it.)

Now on to So What Wednesday!

This week I’m saying So What if…

  • I am actually writing this post on Tuesday night but writing it as if it’s already Wednesday
  • I had Andy cook supper last night because I didn’t want to, and because he knows how to boil hotdogs and heat up chili from a can for Chili Dogs
  • Aiden is going to be a slice of pizza for Halloween.  Help me.
  • I switched the furniture in the living room around again
  • I still can’t stop thinking about Christmas
  • I am panicking because Thanksgiving is only 7 weeks away and I haven’t made my menu yet for the meal I am hosting
  • I haven’t watched a single new show on TV this season, none of them interest me

What are you saying So What to?

 Life After I Dew

Tonight is Aiden’s last flag football game of the season.  They are playing on the actual high school field with the big lights on!  It’s going to be pretty cool for him and the other kids!  And we are going to have quite the cheering squad for him.  My folks, my sister and her kids, Andy’s folks and his brother are all coming to cheer on Aiden and his team.  He’s pretty excited!

Have a great Wednesday!



  1. A slice of pizza sounds like an awesome Halloween costume!! Are you making it or buying it?

  2. I write pretty much every single post the night before, and write it as if it's the day of post. :)
    Chili dogs are pretty much a weekly staple in this house. We all eat them (and like them!), and they take about 3 minutes to make. That's a mid-week winner right there. :)

  3. I can't wait to see the picture of Aiden in his halloween costume. That is going to be so cute!

    Have fun tonight at the game! Go AIDEN!!!

  4. That's so funny that Aiden is going to be a slice of pizza. We are still trying to figure out what J is going to be. We need to decide fast and order it.

  5. Pizza, that's hilarious!!!!
    I'm actually surprised once fame hit how long Bruce and Kris stayed together!
    How was Aidens game?