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Hey there!

Last night we went to our niece’s 8th grade volleyball game.  She did a great job! She’s an excellent server! We had fun watching them beat the other team.


Is anyone else getting super duper excited for Christmas (except @armpitsex, I KNOW that guy is already excited, ha ha!)?  I can’t stop thinking about it!  For instance, just the other day I was thinking that Mrs. Claus is probably busy cooking fattening foods for Santa to fatten him up in time for his big ride Christmas Eve.  Like, who thinks about that as a 30 something year old? LOL, weirdo.  Smile  Leave it to me.  Besides that, tho, I am thinking about shopping for everyone, decorating, the excitement that comes with the holiday, all that good stuff.  And there are only 11 weekends left to shop before the big, exciting day!  Better get crackin’!  Oh, and not to leave Thanksgiving out, my favorite holiday, there are only 7 weeks left until that!  Wow!  This year is winding down already. Guess we better get prepared for 2014.


Quick question – why are they doing ANOTHER Romeo and Juliet movie?  Does anyone remember the one with Leo and Claire back in the day?  I had that soundtrack, can’t ever remember listening to it tho. I do remember watching the movie in the theater with a couple of friends.  I think I loved it, although I can’t really remember much of it. 

I moved the living room furniture around today.  Does anyone else love doing that?  I think I really like the set up.  Can’t wait for Andy’s reaction when he gets home tonight, ha ha!  Part of the reason I do the things I do, to get a reaction out of Andy!  He cracks me up, I love that guy!

Okay, can we talk about the massive BOY explosion we are having?  There are many pregnant bloggers and I do believe all of them that I read are having or have just had BOYS!!!  Seriously!?!  What’s going on?  There’s Emily, Lora, Skinny Meg, Kate ‘Hair’, Erin, Shannon.  That’s 6 right there.  And I bet I forgot one (I tend to do that when preggo).  So I guess the odds are that I will be having a boy, too.  Miss Shelli finds out this week what she’s having, anyone want to place a bet on what it is? Smile 

Time to get moving, have a wonderful day!



  1. Christmas is getting so close... so much to do, so little time!!

  2. Ack! I can't handle a Christmas update!! I just let our a sigh of relief that the birthday party stuff is done!

  3. I am so excited for Christmas. I took the kids to Hobby Lobby this weekend and I swear I now need all new Christmas decorations! And volleyball... Yeah, I could never serve overhand, so I wasn't ever any good.

  4. I'm always so excited for Christmas, I even bought my wrapping paper Friday and I haven't even bought 1 present yet!

  5. I can't even think about Christmas - it's too early! Though, admittedly, I'm already planning what gifts I'm going to buy. :)

    They can't remake R&J again. I was OBSESSED with the '97 version (Leo and Claire), and I had the soundtrack on repeat for about 8 months straight! :)

  6. You just freaked me out with the whole Christmas thing! 11 weekends!!! Crazy!!! And as for boys, it seems to go like that doesn't it. When I was pregnant with J, 5 other ladies at my church were pregnant with boys, too.

  7. I am sooooo excited about Christmas... so that makes 10 of us. :)

  8. I am so excited about Christmas too! I think genders cycle so who knows you may be part of a girl cycle when your little one joins us! :)

  9. I'm still stumped on what you are having. I think girl, but with all the boys it may just turn out to be a boy!!
    You are hilarious, thinking of Santa! I love you! And Jason is right here too, laughing and loving you too!!! He thinks it's awesome you love Christmas so much too. But really, only 11 weekends left? That stresses me out!!