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20 Week Baby Update

Yesterday I had my 20 week OB check up and our 20 week anatomy scan/ultrasound.  Both were uneventful, which is a great thing!  The little tiddler likes having it’s hands up by it’s face!  I could feel it kicking some but we didn’t really see it doing a lot of moving around, unlike the 12 week US we had where it was like popcorn in there!  Here are some pictures of our little love.





Okay, this one is creepy.  It’s looking down on the face (the lump on the right side).  You can see both eyes, the nose and the mouth.  The eyes are giving me the willies, moving on!








Here you can clearly see the arm and the individual fingers of the hand.  I think you can also see the leg on the left side of the picture, kind of bent at the knee.  But I could be imagining that.








Here is the baby’s profile.  I turned it sideways so you can really see it.  Can you see the cute little nose sticking out on the left side???  OMG, cuteness!  I can’t wait to kiss that sweet little nose!  I’m in love!






I ran out of time to make my little update picture thing so will just type it here.

Baby:  Oddly enough, it’s now taking naps, sleeping and dreaming in there, about 12-14 hours a day.  What was it doing before if not sleeping?  My app is changing how it measures Baby, so now we see how long it is from tippy top to the itty bitty toes. This week, 10”!  About the size of a banana. My US said it weighs about 12oz.  It can now yawn and hiccup, and has it’s own set of fingerprints!

Symptoms:  Feeling great!  Growing, tho. Today was the first day I felt more round than cute pregnant.  Maybe it was just my outfit?  Not nearly as moody as a few weeks ago, though I still cry easily.  And I have been noticing round ligament pain from them stretching.  One day was horrific but luckily that’s passed, now just a little ‘zing’ in the sides of my belly if I get up too fast or stretch in the wrong direction.

Weight Gain:  Only 2 pounds this month!  That’s a total of 7 pounds in 20 weeks, I am okay with that.  My books tells me I could gain 1 lb. per week from here on out, which would put me at a total of 27lbs.  I’d love to stay below 25 lbs. but Baby is in charge so as long as I’m exercising, eating well and doing what I’m told I’ll deal with whatever weight I gain.

Highs:  Feeling the baby move so much!  It’s usually on the bottom left-hand side of my bump or right in the middle, about 2 inches below my belly button. 

Cravings/Aversions: Last week I was craving crinkle cut french fries. Do you know how hard it is to find those these days?  I still haven’t had any.  No aversions that come to mind, although some days nothing sounds good to eat.

Excited for:  Andy and the boys to feel their first kicks!  And that we have pretty much settled on a boy name!  Could it change between now and then?  Definitely!  Ha ha!  We have 2 girl names,  need to figure out which one we are going with.  The middle names are set for both, regardless of which first name we come up with.

Every time Andy is close by when the baby is kicking I put his hand on my belly in hopes he’ll feel Tiddler kicking.  On Friday (Week19 Day 5) there is a chance he felt the baby.  It’s so hard to tell at this point, it could have been my pulse or his own. So we are not officially counting it and will continue to feel and wait.

BTW- Baby is saying “HI!” to you all as I type this, it’s been kicking up a storm right under my belly button for most of this post!  It must have something to say! Smile

And now for some ‘bump’ pictures.  I’ve really grown this month!  Wow, really out there past the chest now. 





  1. AGH! Your belly! So cute! And that profile picture! I love that little nose!!

  2. The ultrasound pictures are always both neat and creepy!!!! Your bump is adorable!

  3. Angela is an excellent girls name if you need any suggestions LOL.

    You're a cute preggo. :)

  4. Looking' good! BTW, I've heard that Burger King has crinkle cut fries...Check 'em out!

  5. So exciting and you look great!

  6. Could you be any cuter!?!? So glad for an uneventful US!

  7. Yay!!! Sooo glad all went well!! Those straight on shots creep me out too!!! Why must they show them to us!! I am sooo jealous of the 7lbs!! I am at 32!! YIKES!!!!!!!!! I am FREAKING out!!!

  8. You look so beautiful! I am glad everything is going great!

  9. You look so beautiful! I am glad everything is going great!

  10. I love u/s pics! We still have one of M's hanging on our fridge and in a frame in his room.
    You look so good. Love that bump, it's adorable.

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    So glad everything is going good! And 7 pounds is awesome!!
    Can't wait to hear what names yonv picked out!! I love hearing names!

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