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Going To The Chapel…

Hey there, it’s Monday!  And I’m exhausted!  I need at least the next 3 days to catch up on sleep, we had a crazy busy weekend. 

Thursday we dropped the boys off in the morning and headed due West to Omaha.  Our dear friends were getting married and Andy was the Best Man (The Better Man, as he kept saying, ha ha!).  Thursday night was the rehearsal and dinner so we headed out to the winery where the wedding was being held, then back into Omaha for the dinner.  Dinner was at a brewery and they had a really delicious supper – lettuce salad with a yummy vinaigrette, roast beef, chicken, mixed veggies, potatoes and rolls. 
The groomsmen and their wives
Me and my love (who wouldn't take that darn jacket off! Ha ha!)
Staci, Amy and me, I.E. My besties
The decorated dining area, super pretty
Me, Andy, Groom Mike, Bride, Micaela

Friday evening was the ceremony and it was really nice, went off without a hitch.  We were outside and it was fa-REEZING out there.  A high of 55 degrees, brrr!  When we left that night at 11:00 it was 35 degrees.  The head table was set up outside with a few other tables for guests, which is where I was sitting.  They also had indoor seating.  They had heaters set up outside but it was so darn cold nothing would have helped.  Luckily once the dance started (which was outside) we warmed ourselves up by busting a move!  For the meal they served chicken in a white wine sauce, pork in some kind of sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, steamed green beans, lettuce salad and a roll.  The cakes were delicious, I tried them both, ha ha!  They had a photo booth which was a ton of fun.  Overall it was just a really fun evening, so glad we could be a part of the celebration.  And now for the photo dump.
Best Man Andy and Maid of Honour

Saying their vows


Our gang
If you follow me on IG (homemadehappenings) you saw this next picture with the caption “This is after I about caught my hair on fire #dontstandsoclosetothefireplacenexttime #lessonlearned”  The story is that we were standing outside next to the fireplace warming our buns.  I smelled burning hair but didn’t even think about it.  Luckily a friend smelled it too and asked if I smelled it.  He pulled me away from the fire place and looked at my hair (not smoking, thank goodness!), but said it was definitely me.  I ran my fingers through my hair and O!M!G!  It just broke off!!!  I singed part of my hair!  It smelled awful and I was so freaked out.  Looking at it in the mirror in the bathroom you couldn’t really tell too much (thank goodness) but I could sure feel it.  Yuck.  So that put a tiny damper on the evening, but what are you going to do?  Alls well that ends well, I didn’t catch on fire like I could have and today it doesn’t look bad at all.  I can feel one section that feels funny but am going to run to my hair stylist this week and see what she thinks.  I’ve been conditioning the heck out of it, hoping that helps.
Two braggie pictures – one of my new earrings which I am in love with!  And one of my bump that’s a bit blurry but you can get the idea. 23 weeks!
As great as the wedding was, my favorite part was spending so much time alone with Andy.  We always have the best time on long drives chatting.  A friend who was heading out to the wedding too was texting me.  I asked how things were in her car (boring, one driving, one sleeping) and she said “I bet you guys are chatting and holding hands the whole way.”  It cracked me up because that was exactly what we were doing!  So today I am now paying for all of that great ‘together time’ by having Andy withdrawals.  I think lunch together today is in order.
Hope you have a great week!  We are in store from December-like temps here.  Highs in the 40’s, lows in the 20’s.  Had to bring my houseplants back in, they wouldn’t like that cold weather. 


  1. You look beautiful my love!

  2. So glad you had fun!! Forget about the bump.... Holy Knockers!!!!

  3. Gorgeous as always =) ... Girl watch those fires!! That's scary to think your hair could of been on fire and you wouldn't have even known!! Thank goodness your friend pulled you away!! =) ... I love my boys to death but I love those rare times we get to get away alone!! =) Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend =)

  4. Looks like a fun wedding, but I can't imagine being out in one of those bridesmaid dresses!! Your bump (and your earrings) look adorable!

  5. You are beautiful!
    Sounds a little chilly, but a good time nonetheless!

  6. Oh my god you just make me smile! I love hearing you talk about Andy!!
    Looks like it was a beautiful wedding, t bad it was so cold though!
    I can't believe you almost caught on fire!! Your poor hair!! I'd have died!
    You looked amazing! Such a teeny little baby there! And even if your hair is singed, it's gorgeous!! So are you!

  7. bwhahaha so sorry about your hair, that's a pretty epic story. That wedding looks like an amazing time and you look so beautiful!

  8. Sounds like a fun weekend!!! You look so pretty in all the pics!