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Friday Favorites

Yay yay YAY for Friday!  This week has flown by but I am still just as excited for the weekend to be here.  I actually get to spend HOURS of alone time with my love tomorrow!  I don’t think my mom taught me how to share very well because I seriously have a hard time sharing Andy’s time with others. I want his time and attention all to myself.  I’m a spoiled brat. Smile

I’m linking up with Stacie for her Friday Favorites today.

Stacie Rogers Training

This week my favorites are:


New Maternity Shirt (if the damn weather would cool off so I could wear it!)! From

Scents! Honey Pear Cider and Mellow Moment from Scentsy

Happy Friday, friends!  Make it a good one!



  1. Yummm, the pumpkin Reese's!! And I'm obsessed with the fall Scentsy scents... love the fall smells in my house!!

  2. I love Reese's much better in shapes then the regular circle. I have nothing Scentsy in my house. I would love too, but anything that smells pretty messes with Todd and Brady's allergies. womp. womp.

    Happy Friday!!

  3. I've been looking for new Scentsy smells. That Honey Pear Cider sounds like it would be perfect for this time of year!
    Reese's are the best during Easter - the eggs are

  4. Soooooo excited for FALL! Now, if only the cool weather would come back. It's been in the 80's here in NC! I am excited for a Scentsy party in a few weeks :) New Scents here I come and I am on a mission to find this chocolate you told me about. Hubby cannot pass by those dang Reese's without grabbing like 5 (What a heffer)! ha Have a super duper weekend!

  5. I love Old Navy maternity!!! I bought several tops there while I was pregnant. I really like the one you just got! Super cute!!!

  6. The sea salt chocolate I to die for! And I LOVED old navy maternity!!
    I hope you and Andy have an awesome day alone!!

  7. Yum Reese pumpkins and Christmas trees. I'm a lover of pb and chocolate...