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Our Football Star

Wednesday night was Aiden’s last flag football game of the season.  This is homecoming week for the school we share football with so to commemorate that the flag football teams played at the high school, on their field, with the big lights on!  They even had the commentator there!  It was such a fun evening!  Our team got STOMPED!!!  BUT!  My Aiden, he was a football star that night!


I can’t give official stats because they don’t keep any but Aiden pulled a ton of flags!  He caught 3 of the 4 passes they sent his way, and he was the only kid on the team to get any yardage.


It was the final play of the game, 7 seconds left, and we were on the 40 yard line (or so).  The QB threw the ball to Aiden, he plucked it from the air, turned, and ran with all of his might! He broke a couple of ‘tackles’ and hauled his little booty towards the end zone.  At the 1/2 yard line, with his toes almost touching it, a kid grabbed his flag.  It took 2 4th graders to catch my little 2nd grader.  At this point the score was 40 something to 0, and I’m pretty sure Aiden broke the plain (plane?), but time had ran out and they didn’t give them the 6 points.  But it was such an exciting play, and my little guy was the star of it, so I’m going to take that good feeling with me and forget about the points not given.  It was the only time our team got a 1st down and the closest we came to getting a TD.


And if you’re wondering, YES, I was jumping up and down cheering and yelling as loud as I could!!!!  So so SO proud of my boy!  The best part, though, was how proud he was of himself!  He’s not a bragger at all, so he was very  modest about it, but I could tell by his face that he was PROUD!  What got him the most excited was hearing his name over the loud speaker, which I thought was very cool, too!  Sorry to gush and go on forever but I am so proud of him!!!  I love how it boosted his confidence!

Yesterday Aiden brought home his school pictures.  They turned out so great!  I just love them!


Have a great weekend!



  1. That's perfect!!! I cannot wait for D to play sports :)

  2. I love this!!! You should be proud! What a great experience!

  3. Way to go Aiden!
    He is seriously such an cutie! I bet little girls just swoon over him. :)

  4. The pictures are awesome!! I can totally picture you jumping and screaming! Go Aiden! And so cool to get to play on the big field!!

  5. Aw! Go Aiden! What a handsome young man!