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If You Really Knew Me

If you really knew me you’d know…

    • I slept with my Ted and Blanky (their names and what they are, ha ha!) until I was 21.  Yes, that’s how old I was when I got married.
    • I’m a big weenie and can’t read about or watch anything violent or very scary
    • I have terrible road rage and have been known to flip bad drivers off
    • I remember some of the craziest things that no one else remembers, things from way way WAY back when that are unimportant and should mean nothing to me, yet they do. My parents and sister get a kick out of what weird memories I dig up.
    • I am very VERY sentimental about all things and everything
    • I worry and worry and worry about things.  I’m surprised I don’t have an ulcer
    • I am a list maker, I make a list for everything.  And if I fail to make a list, say for shopping or packing, I ALWAYS forget something!
    • I don’t like milk chocolate but I LOVE dark chocolate
    • I don’t like dogs or cats.  Well, let me clarify that – I don’t like other people’s dogs and cats.  My own, on the farm, I loved dearly.  And if we were to have some of our own now I’d love them dearly, too. But when I go to someone’s house I do not love their pets, and I do NOT want them sniffing me or rubbing up against me.  Eck.
    • I’m a total Daddy’s girl and if I could hang out with him all the time I would.  I love and adore my dad.
    • I love the hospital stay when having a baby.  All that quiet time, the good food, the pampering by the nurses… We are lucky we deliver at a small hospital, most times you are the only mom in the entire department, those nurses are bored and spoil you rotten!

Leave me a comment about something I’d know about you “if I really knew you”.



  1. I am also scared of violent/scary things. I'm scared of pretty much everything though lol.

  2. I love reading lists like this! Don't feel bad about number one, I slept in my mom's bed until I was in high school!

  3. First... I am totally stealing this idea! Love it.

    I am the same way about scary things. Although now all of my scary things have to do with kids. I used to watch Dateline type shows all the time and ever since I had kids, I can't.

    Not a fan of dark chocolate at all. yuck!

  4. I love me some dark chocolate too...but I still love milk chocolate. I'm an equal opportunist of chocolate. lol

  5. Dark chocolate is my new fav!!

  6. I have some of the worst road rage, and LA hasn't made it any better. Whoops. :)
    You better believe I can't go shopping without a list. I'll buy a million things, but manage to forget the things I need most. HA!

    A little unknown fact about me: my closet is organized by season, and by color. If my clothes don't follow the ROY-G-BIV rule I kind of go batty.

  7. Soooo much in common!!!

  8. Two random things: I am terrified of flocks of birds. One at a time, they are fine, but when that big swarm all flies out of the tree at the same time? FREAKY! I also like plucking the hairs out of my legs with tweezers. I have a few bald spots now from it.

  9. I loved beings n the hospital with the babies too!! So spoiled!! And, I could never picture you flipping someone off! I love it! I can't stop laughing!! Thanks o your messages today! They meant a lot!

  10. It really scares me how much we are alike sometimes... ha! I will not watch all this zombie crap that is so popular now because it is so gory and violent, I just can't handle it! My husband loves it all and doesn't understand why I won't watch it. I like to live my happy life and pretend there isn't so much evil in the world - I hardly ever watch the news any more because there are such horrible things going on, I don't want to hear about it! My road rage is out of control, quiet girl here but if you cut me off you're gonna hear about it! ha ha ha ... My husband is always saying my memory is unbelievable and he is jealous of it because he doesn't remember anything - I remember EVERYTHING and my oldest son is the same way! Worrying is one of the things I wish I didn't do so much - as soon as I find out something is "coming up", even if it is months away I start to worry about what can go wrong and how everything will work out - etc ... it's a curse!! .... seeeeeeee we were obviously separated at birth! ... ha ha =)

  11. Love it. I totally always remember weird things that no-one else does, and I can usually remember what people are wearing..random..I also always watch kid shows at night to fall asleep.