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More Decorating

Somebody pinch me, is it seriously Thursday AND the end of November??  Time is flying on by!  Yesterday I finally got a little creative mojo flowing and worked on some more decorating.  I apologize for the cruddy photos, but you can get the gist.  Oh, and don’t mind the wood floor on the wall above the mantel (why is all I have to say to whoever did that).


I found the Merry Christmas sign at Jo-Ann’s Fabric this weekend and got a heck of a deal on it.  The ornaments hanging on the greenery are from my dear, sweet Grandma. They are antiques and I just adore them!  I pray they never get broken, I’ll cry for days if they ever do!

Somehow I’ve ended up with a  ‘country Christmas’ theme in the house this year, which I love.  I have burlap in a few different places and would have used it on the greenery in front of the TV (below) but ran out so I used some Deco Mesh that I had leftover in my craft closet.  Have you used Deco Mesh yet?? It is so easy to use!  I just love the stuff.  But I wish I had some red, it would have really spruced up the TV area.IMG_1405

OMG, I just read what artist was on the TV when I took that picture --  HANSON!!!  How do you like that, Miss Holly?  Ha ha!

So I have a little more sprucing up to do around here, will hopefully get to the store today to grab another greenery garland (I’m totally loving that stuff this year!) and then I can finish up around here.  It’s dragging on a lot longer than I want it to!

Oh, and a confession.  I didn’t get Melanie’s workout done yesterday.  No excuse, just laziness.  The good news is I’m not nearly as tired as I was a week ago, I think that part of the pregnancy is going away (yay!).  So hopefully I can get moving TODAY!

Have a great, wonderful, fantabulous day – especially if you are the winner of the ginormous Power Ball kitty!



  1. Happy Thursday girl - love the decorating. I am so glad you are feeling good. Hanson.. you girls are too much.

  2. I want to use that mesh on my stairs but im scared it wont roll and lay as pretty as yours and others! Tell me its easy!

  3. Love the decorating! You are in the holiday mood! Your package was mailed yesterday! Hope you enjoy!