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Making New Friends

OMG!!!  This story is totally why I love blogging and the blogging world!  Yesterday I was sitting there at home, minding my own business, when an email popped up from a Lora.  I thought, “who the heck is this?”  Then I saw my blog name in the subject line.  Oh awesome!!!  A new commenter!  I never get new commenters!  So I opened the email and read a nice comment from Miss Lora and at the end she said “New follower  here!”  I was so totally stoked! (Sidebar: I never say I’m stoked, where the heck did that word come from?)  I made myself wait almost an hour before replying so she didn’t think I was a total loser with nothing better to do than sit there waiting for new emails to come (so true, tho) and when I did reply I put on a pair of giant coconut balls and asked her how she found me. <----- Why did that take such guts?  Should be a natural thing to ask, right? But me, I feel like I’m being nosey. Duh.  Anyway, so I asked and she said she found me through Holly!!!  And I was like “Oh my Gah!”  How cool is that?  I mean, that’s pretty much how I found all the blogs I read and follow, but still, I thought how cool that this little blogging thing we do brought 2 new people together!

Another email and I asked her if she blogged and she does! So I checked her out and I just LOVE her!  She is too.darn.funny!  I think we’d be instant friends if we met in real life. So now I have a new blogging friend!  Miss Lora from Raising Steppe Sisters.  Please please PLEASE go check out her blog (if you don’t follow her already, which I bet some of you do!).  Thanks, Holly, for inadvertently helping me make a new blogging friend! 

RaisingSteppe Sisters

Today I’m thankful for blogging and the connections it has helped me make! 

Love to you all!



  1. You are too cute! I love reading your blog but you are probably sick of my comments! :)
    Still thinking about setting up a christmas card exchange with some of us blogger chicks! Let me know!! ;)

  2. Erin once again why I adore you. You are too cute - way to put yourself out there.

  3. oh my goodness! you are too sweet!!!!! Thanks so much for my big cup of confidence you just gave me. haha

    I'm proud of your cocunut sized balls....and you totally didn't have to wait the hour to respond. I'm also a loser who waits by her phone/email/instagram/facebook for love. :)

  4. ok, yes I was stalking your blog 100% when I found this post about Lora. I also found her on Holly's blog!!!! Girl is HILARIOUS!

    Also, we both share the same love of the Hawks. And I'm pretty sure we live pretty darn close to each other....I mean that in the most non creepy way possible :)