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It’s Kind Of Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

First I want to thank everyone for their congratulations and well wishes on my big news (if you missed it Friday you can read about it HERE)!  You’re all too sweet!

At our house we always get the Christmas decorations out the day after Thanksgiving.  So why be different this year?  Andy pulled all of the totes out of the basement for me and set them in our front room that we don’t do anything in.  And there they sat.  And sat.  And sat.  I just couldn’t find my Christmas decorating mojo!  I finally unwrapped all of my Santa’s and set them in a row.  And there they sat.  And sat.  And sat.  Finally Andy got home from the game so we set the tree up.  Actually, they set the tree up, I directed.  I was just not into it!  I couldn’t get a good picture, poor lighting, so will try again tonight so you can get a full shot. But here is the handy work and clustering of ornaments the boys did.  


The one ornament isn’t even hanging, it’s just laying sideways on the branch.  Sigh.  But since I didn’t help who am I to complain?

I finally mustered up enough energy to put up my dear, sweet Grandma’s tree in our front room.  This tree is ANCIENT.  Definitely an antique.  We used to laugh about how you could carry on a conversation with someone sitting on the other side of it because you can see right through it.  She gave it to me when we got married because ‘she was done with it’.  She was so darn cute.  Anyway, I decided to do it up like we used to when decorating it for her.  So here it is, in all it’s ugliness glory.


And the picture of how ‘see through’ it really is!  Ha ha!

So on Sunday a tiny bit of creativity struck and I finally did this.


It’s not too great, but it’s festive and I do love white lights wrapped in greenery.  And you can see 2 of my Santa’s. 

When I get my mantle and the rest of the house done I’ll get some pics of that and show them to you.

Going on a Christmas shopping date with my amazing husband tomorrow so you won’t hear from me again until Wednesday.  Have a good couple of days!



  1. I love your decorations! Your house looks so festive. AND congrats on the big news - how exciting!!!

  2. Looks good to me......and you are knocked up, that means you dont have to participate in anything that you don't want to!