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Yay, it’s Friday!!!  Here is my High 5 4 Friday list.

  1. November started!
  2. We had conferences at school for the boys last night, they are both doing fantastic! Aiden is the only kid left in his class to still have 100% on all of his spelling tests!!!
  3. Sunday we stayed home all day and watched football, it was wonderful!
  4. I signed up to do a blogger swag swap and got my partner’s name and info yesterday, I am SO excited!  I love giving gifts!  Hi, Karie!
  5. I’ve started watching Ally McBeal episodes again in the afternoons.  They crack me up!!!  And make me a little sad.  But mostly I laugh.  And laughter’s a good thing!

That’s my week in a nutshell.  What are your plans for the weekend?



  1. Hey!!! Super excited about the Blog swap!!!

  2. I'm doing the blog swap too! Super excited!! :) Ok so maybe I should add Ally Mcbeal to tv show series I need to watch...I remember it being on when I was younger but never watched it!

    Hope all is well hun!