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Clothing Advice Needed

Ok, Lovelies, I need your help.  In this picture below, are these leggings or tights?  And where do you find them??  I LOVE this look and want to wear it so bad, just need help in finding the pieces. I hate to shop for clothes and am scared to go into ‘cute’ stores because I’m afraid people will look at me and think “she’s too old to be in here!”  So I need some help from you trendy ladies. 


Have you voted yet?? I know, we’re all sick of hearing about it, but really, it’s so very important to get out there and do your civic duty!  Even if you don’t ‘love’ or fully support either candidate, vote for the lesser evil.  I do support one, I won’t tell you who, and I will be voting with my  husband (our election day tradition) as soon as he gets home from work.  We have never missed an election, big or small.  It is such an important right, one us women have not always been given!  So get out there, rain or shine, and VOTE!!!

Had my hair trimmed up today and it feels so darn good!  Who doesn’t love getting their hair cut??  And this gal I found is A-mazing!  I’m so glad I found her here in this tiny little town.  She’s big-city, for sure, and could make an ass-pile of money if she wanted to live in a big city.  And she makes me feel like a major failure as a hair stylist and I hope, if I get back to a salon someday, that I can take some classes and become as awesome as she is. 

Happy Election Day!  This time tomorrow we’ll know who will be leading our country for the next four years, hallelujah!



  1. I love that look - okay those are leggings. You can get at Kohls - I prefer the Vera Wang kind or Nordstroms, heck anywhere. I am 32 and I don't give one flying peeyon what people think - I love to dress cute and will do it no matter what. Rock it Erin - you will be most adorable.

  2. Target will have them, too, Erin! They should just be $10! That will be a super cute look. After you put the look together, do a pinterest post. :)