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A Party & Three Things || Brennan

Out of nowhere my Brennie Joe turned 8 years old!  We had so much fun celebrating him this past weekend.

Saturday afternoon we had a cake and ice cream party with family.  It was by far the easiest birthday party I've thrown for any of the kids to date.  Brennan had no requests for his cake so I surprised him with a football field cake.  (I kept it hidden in the laundry room so ignore the dryer settings behind the cake)

The little football players were hand-me-downs from my grandma from when she downsized and moved to town - she gave me her box of cake decorating tips, bags and what-nots. They worked perfectly! And Aiden built me the goal posts out of Legos.  It was super cute, I asked him to make me 2 but do it quietly so Brennan wouldn't see.  He faked that he was taking a nap but Brennan followed him downstairs so then he had to make up an excuse as to why he was coming back upstairs so quickly (all the while hiding the goal posts behind his back).  Then I asked him to make them a tad bigger so back downstairs he went with another story.  Ha ha, it was so funny and I'm so proud of him for helping make Bren's cake special. :)  I also made some homemade strawberry ice cream and it was a huge hit.

I found some sparkler candles at the dollar store, they didn't work very well and they were a major pain to blow out but Bren kept working at them until they were all out.

Present time!  Brennan's been asking for a Bears football jersey for awhile now and my mom and dad delivered for him! His big smile was hidden behind the jersey but he definitely had one!

A bag chair for taking fishing or to Aiden's games. (I have no idea why he only has one sock on, ha ha!)

Cash!  Brennan is saving up money to buy a new set of golf clubs.  We aren't sure why he thinks he needs a new set but that's what his heart is set on.

Back in January Bren noticed that the Iowa Men's basketball team's last game of the regular season was the day before his birthday.  He immediately asked if he could take a couple friends for his birthday.  We kind of ignored the request and he didn't ask again.  Start the planning behind his back!  I ordered tickets and got his good buddy lined up to go.  Saturday at his party we wrapped up the tickets and he opened them in front of everyone.  The look on his face says it all - he was totally excited and surprised!!!

The one request Brennan did have for his party was that all the guys go outside and play basketball.  His two uncles, Pat and David, along with cousin Charley, Andy and Aiden and Brennan played for about 45 minutes and had so much fun.  It was the perfect afternoon for a game of ball!

Sunday Andy picked Brennan and his buddy, Chase, up early from religion class and headed to the game.  They had a great time eating nachos and drinking frozen lemonades.  And they cheered their team on to victory!

Monday, the day of Bren's birthday, I took root beer floats to school for his class treats.  The birthday kid gets to sit at this cool desk so I had to take a picture of my special boy.

After school I had clues hidden for Brennan to follow around the house to find his other gift - we finally bought a few things to decorate his room and hung them up for him.  He was so surprised and excited to finally have things hung on his walls.  

For supper we took everyone to town to one of our favorite restaurants.  It was great to spoil our boy and make him feel special for a few days.  He didn't have to do any chores, Aiden emptied both racks in the dishwasher 2 different times, I put away all of Bren's clothes for him and he got to play his tablet extra long.  

Now for 3 things about my boy.

Brennan love love LOVES to golf!  It is by far his favorite activity and sport.  If he could golf every day of the year I don't think he'd ever tire of it.  Because he loves it so much he wants to play golf for the Hawkeyes when he goes to college.

Andy calls Brennan 'Freckle Joe' because of his awesome smattering of freckles across his cheeks and over his nose.  I used to call him Brenner Joe and so Freckle Joe is a play on that.  And Brennan loves this nickname, so much so that he uses it as his user name on a game he plays on his tablet.  :)

Brennan is like two very different personalities tied into one little boy.  He is very sensitive and doesn't like people to laugh at him all the while being 100% comfortable doing his own thing his own way and not caring what others think.  Doesn't sound like those two can live together in one person but they do in my Brenner!  

Bonus ||Four||
Brennan can rock the dance floor!  That kid LOVES to dance!  He has his own little signature dance move and it makes me happy every time I see it!

Happy 8th birthday, Brennan!  We love everything about you!


  1. Happy Birthday Brennan... I hope it was a good one.

  2. Awwww, what a special few days for that sweet little boy. He seems like such an easy going guy.
    Your cake turned out so great! Love that Aiden was able to get in and help decorating.
    How awesome that he was so excited and surprised about his basketball tickets. And, to have such an easy birthday party, wins for everyone!! :)