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Basement Renovation

Since my last update in March we have had a lot happen with our basement reno. It's nice to look back and say "a lot has been done" because it's been a long, sloooow process.  We've done a lot of 'hurry up and wait'.  Luckily now all that waiting is *mostly* done. 
In April our energy company came and moved our gas meter and re-routed our electrical service, both of which needed moved because they went right through where the to-be window wells were going.

Andy broke out some of the concrete in the bathroom floor and the plumber came and roughed in our shower drain.  Then he poured the new cement in the hole, smoothed that and it's all ready for us to install the shower.

Andy started framing up the walls for the bedrooms and the bathroom.  He did as much as he could until the window holes were cut.  He left an area of Bren's wall and the bathroom wall open so we could get the shower in. That had to be brought in through the window opening because it was too wide for the basement stairs.  We also brought the drywall down through the opening instead of lugging it down all the steps.  That was a fun day (said sarcastically). 

The window well holes were dug and we now have a nice, messy yard and big pile of dirt waiting to be put back down in the holes to fill in around the window wells. 

The company came that we hired to cut the 3 window holes.  I was surprised by how not noisy that process was.  Tate slept through part of it even!  It took about 30-45 minutes per window.  They held their big, heavy saw without a jig to saw through the 8" of cement wall.  My arms would have been burning by the end of that!

After the window holes were cut Andy framed in the windows and the two of us installed them.  We weather-proofed the heck out of those windows!  The day after we finished it rained about an inch, so glad we got them done in time!  What a relief.

After the windows went in Andy started working on framing again.  And that is where we are at now. 

It sounds like a lot got done but it still feels like we have so far to go.  The good thing is, except for the electrician and plumber, we don't have anyone to wait on anymore so we can just go and get things done.  Unfortunately, we are busy busy!  Fingers crossed it doesn't take much longer than the month of June to get our part finished.  XXX

And now, some pictures.

One more, because it's cute!

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  1. I'm so glad to see you blogging, I've missed you! :)

  2. TATE IS SO BIG. Why is he so big already? Glad things are coming along nicely! Miss hearing from you. :)

  3. Gotta get a move on before that baby gets here, huh?!?! Looking good. Look at that big handsome boy!