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Tate Lately // 8 Months



Tate is 8 months old! 

Here’s what he’s been up to the past month:

  • crawling!  He’s into everything!  We have to close all the doors down the hallway into our bedroom and the big boys’ room, and the bathroom, so he doesn’t get himself into any trouble.  He’s pretty fast and gets where he wants to go.
  • pulling himself up!  This took him no time at all to master.  I was surprised at how fast this happened.  He pulls himself up to anything that stands still.  He will take a couple of side steps but I wouldn’t quite say he’s cruising just yet.  That won’t be far behind!
  • wearing size 3 diapers still, but we’re about to finish this package and move onto size 4’s.
  • wearing 12-24month clothes. It all depends on the make and style as to which size he wears.  If it’s an all one piece outfit, for sure a 24mo!  Most shirts are 18mo, pants are a combo of 12 and 18mo.
  • talking, all.the.time!  He’s a chatty little guy!  He makes sounds like ba, da, dee, ta, tee and sometimes when crying mamama!
  • eating.  He loves to eat!  We are working on finishing up our stage 2 veggies and stage 3 fruits and moving on to table food.  He loves muffins, Gerber Puffs and Crunch Um’s, and pretty much any other table food I’ve offered him.  I think after just those few times I’ve offered him ‘real’ food he’s realized he doesn’t love baby food anymore so we struggle through a container of that now.  He just seems bored with it and can find a dozen other things to look at and pay attention to than his baby food.  Give him something he can feed himself, though?  Then he’s not at all distracted!
  • playing with his big brothers. He just loves to play with those big boys, especially crawling over them as they lay on the floor. 
  • teething.  Still no little white teeth popping through, yet, but he’s a droolie mess these days!  Lots of chewing on things, fingers in his mouth constantly and fussier than normal. 
  • sleeping!  Finally he’s back to sleeping through the night!  Once in a while I’ll hear him humming to himself at 4 in the morning but for the most part he’ll sleep from 8:30 at night til 6:30 or so the next morning.  Now if only I could get myself to sleep through the night again!


Now that Tate’s taking a bottle regularly Brennan wanted to feed him over the weekend.  He was so proud of being able to help Tate with his bottle.  I love how he’s holding Tate’s head in this picture! 

Tate is a funny little guy, he keeps us laughing regularly. 

He always has a smile on his face and knows no stranger!  It doesn’t matter if he knows you or not, you’ll get a big smile from him if you talk to him.

We couldn’t be happier to have our little Tater in our life!  We love you, Sweet Po’Tater Pie!


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  1. the fire truck ride sounds awesome!! I would totally do that myself!

  2. I can't believe 8 months has gone by since Tate arrived. Doesn't that just seem crazy?
    You have the best baby! Between the good eating and sleeping habits, I'm jealous! :)

  3. Someone needs to tell these babies to stop growing up so fast! Jeanette can't quite stand when she pulls up on things but the crawling is enough for me at the moment, she's into everything! I need to put locks on some of the cabinets! Tate is such a cutie pie!!!!!

  4. I cannot believe how fast this has gone by! I also can't believe mine is 16 months and wears the same size clothing and diapers. Lukas is a wirey lil thing! With fat feet!!! We have to buy wides!