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Fa La La La Laaa My Favorite Songs

How’d you like that title?? Ha ha, damn am I creative!  The way this post is starting you should probably run now, it can only get worse from here. Ha ha!

I thought I’d share with you my favorite Christmas CD’s and songs today.  Every year but this year I am a Christmas music FREAK!  This year the baby makes me not like anything so I could care less about listening to any kind of music.  But in other years these are my most favorite Christmas albums.

First up, Carpenters Christmas.  I have listened to this album since I had it dubbed onto a tape from my uncle. No lie.  LOVE this CD.  It’s not Christmas until I’ve heard Karen belting it out.


I bought ‘Glee, The Christmas Album’ about 2 years ago.  It’s upbeat and different songs than most other collections.  And now I see they have volume’s 2 and 3, need to update my collection!


And this one, Josh Groban.  His geeky hotness gets my motor running.  Plus this album is just amazing.  I absolutely love it!


There are a couple of songs I look forward to listening to every year.  2 of them Andrew and I make fun of (in a good way) and the third one just cracks me up.  Take a listen!

First off, The Boss.  We love the Boss, so no nasty grams please!  Just cracks us up when he’s belting out “Too-oo TOOOWN”.  Seriously folks, it’s the little things that make us laugh and have a good time.

Carol of the Bells, one of my favs!  But this version?? Hilarious!  The guitar solo at the end gets really ramped up and my husband does an amazing air guitar to it.

And this one by Adam Sandler is just a great funny song!  A classic!

There you have it, my Christmas music favorites. 

Tomorrow is December 1st, that means 24 shopping days left!  How are you coming along on that?

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Thanks for sharing my daughter would LOVE the glee one, i might have to get it for her. I busted out adam sandler the other night!