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I Was Run-ning!

*I love Forrest, Forrest Gump.*
I just sat down to cool off and relax after running.  Yep, I went for a run.  Or as I like to joke, I walked fast and bounced up and down.  I went out last evening for the first time and was pretty proud of myself for how long I ran.  I read the Couch to 5K chart and am doing it but in my own way.  Basically you start off by walking and running in spurts, and work your way up to just running for 3miles (5K).  My goal is to be able to run consistently for 20 minutes, then I'll go from there.  So tonight I did pretty well again, with longer spurts of running.  It helps me to give myself a goal, so I'll see a street or telephone pole or whatever down the way and I'll tell myself I can walk as soon as I get to that.  And then when I get there, depending on how I'm feeling, I'll try to go a little farther. 

I wish I could see myself running, because quite honestly I feel like a big ofe clomping along.  I feel all stiff and un-athletic (probably not a word, but give me a break, I just ran/walked for 30 minutes and I'm pooped!).  I need to ask a runner for some tips.

I took Andy's Ipod w/ me tonight and used his old running list.  Uh, yea, I'll be making my own.  It was all heavy metal, nothing that will pump me up and take my mind of the agony I am imparting on my calves, ankles, shins and butt. :)  So I will be working on that tonight.

Time to go find something for supper.  I messed up and didn't lay anything out to thaw so now I don't have any ideas and it's 6 p.m., supper time!  Ugh.  Scrambled eggs always work as a last ditch effort, right?  No, it won't win me Mother of the Year, so sue me! ;)


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