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Wonderful Weekend

Happy Monday, friends!  How was your weekend?  Mine was fantabulous!  It felt like a nice, long weekend and we got a ton of yard work done yesterday.  The temps were amazing (low 80's, low humidity, sunshine!) and we had a ton of motivation to get outside and get some things done.  We went outside at 9 yesterday morning and didn't come in until 5 last night.  We even ate lunch outside!  It was a perfect day.  The boys played and played and didn't fight!  My in-laws brought over Subway for lunch then helped us clean up the mess we made while trimming bushes.  We cleaned out a flower bed that we've not touched since moving here a year ago and now it looks so much nicer.  The boys and I even went and got a load of mulch this morning to put in there.  It's so nice to make little improvements around the house, makes you feel like you're taking care of your investment and leaving it better than it was before.

What did you do this weekend?


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