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Dog Days Of Summer

As summer winds down (boo hoo hoo!!!) I find myself trying to cram in as much fun as possible for the boys.  Trips to the park and pool, playing outside as much as possible, family bike rides and other crazy antics, like boosting my boys up into the tree to play. 

Honestly, can I not get Blogger to upload these all the way?  Ugh, sorry for the cruddy pic.
Aiden can about get up there by himself, just needs a little 'oompf' from Mom.  Bren gets a full-on assist from me.

Another summer treat - a movie in the middle of the week at the theater.  Tonight Ice Age 23 (or whatever number they're on) is playing in town so my husband is taking the boys.  During the school year we'd wait until the weekend to go so they weren't up past bedtime (8:00), but it's summer and they can sleep in tomorrow (pleeeeaase let them sleep in til at lest 6:30 tomorrow!). 

What rules do you bend because it's summer and you can?


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