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Wedding Card And Gift

My cousin got married this past weekend.  She asked me to be a part of her most important day by doing the readings during the mass.  I was scared as heck but am so honored she asked me.  So I wanted to do something extra special for her gift.  I'm all about making gifts but usually don't take the time to do it.  Pinterest has given me a ton of ideas and I finally decided on this.
I bought a wooden letter 'D' and wrapped twine/jute around it.  As I wrapped I'd put on some hot glue to hold it every so often.  Then I added the flowers as accents an the ribbon to hang it.  My thought was they'd hang it on their apartment door with one of those 3M removable hooks (I put that with the gift).  But if that's not how they want to use it they can cut off the ribbon and set it on a shelf.  It was super easy, although the wrapping was a little time consuming.  You can find the wooden letters at most craft/hobby stores.

Can't figure out how to rotate these 2 pics -- sorry.

For the card's flower I used a round tag I had in my stash as a base.  Then I took a long strip of cream fabric that was about 1 1/2" wide, folded it in half and applied a dollop of hot glue to the center of the tag.  I used that to attach the fabric at one end, then twisted the fabric and wrapped it around that end that was glued down.  Every so often I'd add glue to keep it attached.  I just kept twisting the fabric and wrapping it around until I filled the whole tag.  Then I added a pretty button in the middle to accent it and hide that beginning part (not necessary but I liked the added bling).  I glued it down to my card, again w/ the hot glue, and added the flowers around it to spiff it up.  The added flowers and the ribbon going across the middle were leftovers from the letter 'D' I made them.

I love being creative and sharing what I make with others.  Do any of you stamp, scrapbook or craft?


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