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Winning And Losing

Well, you win some, you lose some.  And yesterday I lost big!  If you are friends with me on My Fitness Pal you will note my food and exercise diary doesn't look so hot.  I was way over on my calories thanks to eating out at the local Mexican restaurant and drinking a 20oz bottle of Mt Dew.  (MD is my poison, but darn does it taste good!)  I also didn't get a workout in with the devil, better known as Jillian.  (Side note:  She probably is a really nice person, but it helps me to get through her workouts by calling her mean names, such as Crazy Bitch and Dirty Whore.  No, I'm not a saint, get over it.)  My diary really shows how bad of a day it was for me.  But, I can't let it bring me down in this weight loss journey.  Today I am back on track.  The boys and I went on a bike ride this morning (257calories burned!) and I WILL put Jillian on this afternoon.  No bottles of pop for me, but maybe a can.  A small victory but I'm working on it.  And so far I have 4 cups of water down with my 32oz jug filled up and sitting out for me to sip on as I'm working around the house this afternoon.

You win some and you lose some.  Don't let it bring you down, just get up and keep going!

How do you overcome bad days?

Have a great weekend,

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