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A Visit To Amish Country

We are fortunate to live near an Amish community.  I think it's a neat way of life and have told my husband how I'd love to be Amish -- he just laughs and tells me I'd never hack it. My obsession stems from one of two things: 1. I grew up 15 min away from this Amish community therefore grew up around them, 2. I loved Laura Ingalls Wilder books as a kid and always, always, ALWAYS wanted to live like her.  Either way, it's fun to make a trip up there a few times a year to shop in their country store.  You can buy bulk spices and baking goods, plus a ton of kitchen items, some toys and books, farmer boots and shoes and some fresh produce.

The boys' favorite part is seeing all the horse drawn buggies.  One of my favorite parts is seeing all the little kids dressed in their dresses, bonnets, pants with suspenders and straw hats -- barefoot!  They are so cute.  No pictures allowed, tho, it's against their religion.  So I must draw from my memories. 

So today at the country store I bought a 2# bag of baking soda for $1.69, a 4oz container of fine ground black powder for $1.75, 2 kitchen towels at $1.15 a piece and a set of 3 washrags for $1.25.  The smells in the country store are amazing, spicy and fruity and leathery.  I wish they could bottle it up and sell it.

Have you ever wanted to live 'simpler' like the Amish?


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