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Down 1.4 lbs!!!

Today I weighed in for Mama Laughlin's Fit Camp and am down another 1.4lbs!  I am so ecstatic!  I didn't do any exercising this week besides the normal gardening (laying mulch, planting, raking) so I thought for sure I'd gain back the pound I lost last week and then some.  The only thing I did do was sort of watch what I ate, although some days I didn't log into MFP to count my calories.  A small victory, I am so happy to see that scale go down!  My sweet, amazing, loving husband told me today at lunch that I looked thinner.  I of course told him he was full of it and he said "no, I can see the difference that pound made!"  He is full of it, but I love him dearly for it.  How sweet of him to say what I needed to hear, even if it was big, fat, giant lie!  <3  I owe him tonight for that! :)

Still no pics, so sorry.  I was so excited to show you some scrap book pages I'd worked on, too.  I will try to have my amazing husband help me figure it out tonight.  Although if another long walk like last night comes up I'll take that over having him fix this picture uploading thing.  We went 2 miles last night, in 35 minutes.  Not sure if that's fast or not, but it felt like we were booking it.  We even ran a couple of blocks, just to see how it went w/ the boys riding their bikes ahead of us.  I think it'll work fine if we decide to do that, although I enjoy the talks we have while walking and won't get to have those if huffing and puffing our way through a run.  Guess I need to figure out what's more important, long talks or being a MILF.  Heck, we can have long talks while washing the dishes.  MILF it is!

I see Ruffles With Love has Mama Laughlin tanks out now!!!  I am getting the one that says "Mama's MILF's".  :)  Mama L wears these tanks and swears by them for workouts.  I've wanted one for quite awhile but have been putting off getting one.  Not no more!  I am ordering one as soon as I get off here!  Can't wait!  I like feeling sassy and like I look good when I workout, makes the process feel better for me.  It's all in my head, but hey, whatever works, right?

What do you do to help you get your workouts in?

Love to you all!

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