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Tate's Tubes Update

Hey everyone!  Wow, what a busy past week we've had! I'm exhausted and need a break!

Tate's ears - this poor boy.  The dr told us last Monday after his tubes were put in that drainage of any color was ok but if it turned snotty to call them.  Well guess what, it turned snotty.  I thought on Wednesday it was looking that way, which was his last day on his ear drops.  Andy thought I was nuts so I didn't listen to my mother's instinct.  Thursday, though, it was so obvious you couldn't deny it was there. So I called the dr.'s office and the nurse told me to start up the drops again for 5 more days (which is up today).  I can tell that goop in Tate's ears is bothering him, he's been rubbing at his ears quite a bit the last 4 days or so.  It's really so disgusting I gag when I clean his ears out.  This morning there seemed to be much less so I'm hoping that it's cleared up and we don't have to figure out the next step since we are supposed to be done with his drops today. 

In addition to his snotty ears I believe Tate is teething.  I've said that since he was 4 months old but really, this time I think it's happening.  He is drooling non-stop, he is constantly chewing on something and he is super fussy and not at all happy.  I don't feel any sharp points popping through yet but I'm hoping soon for his sake!

Baby boy loves his swing!  He kicks his little legs and makes it move.  He sits in here while
watching his big brothers and Daddy play football in the yard in front of him.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Poor baby boy!! I hope he gets better soon! You should try an Amber teething necklace! It's helped Parker with his drooling and tooth some of the pain away when he was cutting 3 teeth at 1 time. Hope Tate feels better soon!!!

  2. Poor guy! I hope things start looking up. Those ear infections are rough on them and the tubes are supposed to make it better, not worse!

  3. Aw, poor Tate! I just want to give him a big hug and take away all these problems!