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Our Family Pictures // 2014


A few weeks ago my cousin’s wife came out to my folks’ farm and spent a couple of hours following us around, taking our family pictures.  It was a nice evening but super humid!  I was sure my makeup was dripping off my face by the end of the night!  They turned out great so I wanted to share a few with you.

My family – sister Nicole and husband Pat, their kids Charley and Nora, my parent’s Randy and Jean, and us

Wehrs-Wehr s PASS-0006

My parents with their grandchildren

Wehrs-Wehr s PASS-0027

My sister’s family

Wehrs-Wehr s PASS-0017

My family

Wehrs-Wehr s PASS-0013

My parents, sister and me

Wehrs-Wehr s PASS-0054

The kids

Wehrs-Wehr s PASS-0044

I’m so happy we were given the chance to get our big family pictures taken.  If Dad’s accident had turned out differently we never would have had any with the grandkids in them. Our last family pictures were taken before Nicole was even pregnant with Charley, who will be 10 in just 2 weeks.  Thank God for miracles!


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  1. Erin, these turned out SO great. You are gorgeous!
    And, oh my goodness, the smiles from all the littles? Priceless.