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Quick Update // Tate’s Tubes


The procedure went well, lasted less than 20 minutes.  We got to the hospital about 6:30, left just before 8:00.  He fell fast asleep in the car as soon as we left.

He didn’t nap all that well in the morning, was a tad fussy.  But in the afternoon he slept from 12:30 to 4:00, which is a long nap for Tate.  He was still a tad fussy in the evening but overall not too bad.

Last night he slept great until 3:30, then was restless the remainder of the night. 

Today, today he is not himself.  Very fussy, very clingy.  Eating well, so that’s good.  I just laid him down for a second nap of the day, hoping he will sleep good, get some decent rest. 

I posted on FB this morning the he felt better *before* his tubes, hoping he is just working out the kinks and he gets back to his normal, happy, cheerful self. 

P.S.  I did very well when they took him yesterday, no tears!  They did a good job of explaining that the gas they give them makes them cry uncontrollably for a bit after they wake up so don’t worry when I hear him crying as they take him into the recovery room.  It took him a little while to calm down from that – he nursed really well right away then started fussing again.  Poor little bugger!

Send good thoughts to my little guy today!


  1. Hoping he turns around soon! I'll be sending positive thoughts your way!!

  2. Poor guy! Hopefully he's back to himself soon :)

  3. I sure hope he is feeling better now!!! Proud of you mama!

  4. Poor Tate! I hope he gets to feeling back to normal very soon!!

  5. I hope Tate is feeling better!