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Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie


Disclaimer: That title has nothing to do with this post at all.  I just can’t get that song out of my head because I fed Tate some Apple, Peach, Squash baby food combo last night and it’s been stuck in my head ever since.  Thank you and you’re welcome.

Happy Monday, everyone!  Can you believe we are winding down the month of September?  It’s hard to believe the boys have been back in school for over 6 weeks now.  Last week the school hosted a Fall Open House so the kids could show off their classrooms to their parents.  It was fun to have Bren show us around his room, he was all like “Oh, this is XYZ, and over here we do This That And The Other.”  He sure has adapted to Kindergarten well! Of course, as a 3rd grader, Aiden wasn’t quite as excited to show us everything there is to see in his room.  *Sigh*, he’s getting older.

Saturday afternoon we cleaned up the garden for the year.  Everything was done producing, save a few tomatoes on the vines.  We pulled the tomato vines, cleaned their cages, then Andy tilled the garden to take care of any weeds that were still growing in there.  It looks nice and clean again.  I am happy with how my garden did this year – so happy that I am planning on scaling back quite a bit next year because my shelves are chock full of goodies.  Every so often you need to take a year off and work on eating all that you’ve canned from the past couple of years.  I’ll plant a short row of green beans to be able to eat some fresh ones, and I’ll plant one Roma Tomato plant so I can make some fresh salsa and pico de gallo.  Besides that I’m thinking of trying some new, fun things.  Maybe an eggplant?  Or maybe I’ll plant the majority of it in sweet corn and have my own patch next year!  I have a long, cold winter to pour over seed catalogs and get plenty of ideas. Stay tuned to next spring when I let you know what I come up with!

On a similar note, Andy’s brother is going to get us a bag of horse manure that his sister-in-law mixes with compost to make some awesome fertilizer.  I’m going to spread it on the garden and on my strawberry patch.  Hopefully I’ll finally have a crop of strawberries I can actually do something with next spring!  Those darn things have been very frustrating since I planted them 3 years ago. 

Aside from cleaning out the garden this weekend we didn’t do too much around here.  It was 80 degrees both days, beautiful weather, but we just kind of laid low.  I washed the windows yesterday, Andy tinkered around in the garage playing with his tools (he’s building a ball rack for the boys), I snuck in a 10 minute nap Saturday afternoon, we watched football (Go Hawks!!), and I packed up the goodies I got for my swag swap partner.  It was just kind of a quiet weekend, it felt great! 

On the schedule for this week: football Wednesday night for the boys, Thursday I’m going on Brennan’s Pumpkin Patch field trip while Andy stays home with Tate for the day, and Saturday I’m going with the Hens (my aunties) and a few Chicks (cousins) to Winterset, IA (Bridges of Madison County) to see my cousin’s new house and a cute little yarn shop she might be buying to run with a friend.  I’m super excited for this trip, going to be so much fun!

What are your plans for the week?  Do you love the book and movie “Bridges of Madison County” as much as I do?  Robert Kincaid, rrrrraawwr!

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  1. Now that song is stuck in my head! :)
    You have the best green thumb. And I'm over here trying to keep my artificial plants from looking sickly.
    Confession time. I've never seen The Bridges of Madison County…

  2. I just came across my Bridges book. I should read it again! Its such a good book and super fast read! Take some pictures... I've never been there.