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First Day of Fall!


Good morning! Today it is officially Fall! I’m so ready for this season, I love everything about it!

I told you a couple weeks ago I was trying to stain terra cotta pots to use for Fall decorating.  I think they turned out fairly well.  I didn’t take any before or during pictures, but basically I just took a regular old terra cotta pot, some wood stain (color was Provincial) and a rag to rub in on in a circular motion.  I didn’t wipe it off, I just sopped it on and left it to sit and dry.  They are a tad sticky feeling, could probably spray some acrylic sealer on it to take care of that but I’m not too concerned since they are just sitting outside on the step.  Once they were dry I decorated them with jute and burlap.  Here’s the finished product.


To complete my front steps I added a bale of hay, replaced a dying flower with a mum in the big pot and added an awesome white pumpkin with a little bow of jute around the stem, then stuffed a burlap bow into the big pot to finish it all off. Once we get our orange pumpkins I’ll set those around this set up, too.


I found time early last week to get my fall decorations out.  I wanted to add some new items so took some inspiration from a recent craft show I attended to make some rustic/fall decorations.

These jars were super easy to make.  I just wrapped burlap around them, used my jute to make the flowers on the front and added some fake buttons I had in my stash for scrapbooking/card making (purchased from Stampin Up!).


After I took these pics I added some fall floral picks to the jars to add some more color and height.  I am still in search of my short strand of baby lights to add for some more pizzazz, those are hidden in my Christmas totes and I have not found the energy to dig through those yet. 

Linking of up with my sweet friend Des for her Fall Bucket List link up.  I’m crossing “decorating for Fall” off my list.

Happy Fall, y’all!


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  1. You're so freaking creative! Looks great!

  2. Your front steps look amazing!! You are so creative.
    Don't forget to add your post to the link up so everyone can see your gorgeous decorations!

  3. The outside decor looks like it seriously came out of a magazine! Great job momma!

  4. Your pots look amazing! You are so talented!
    Thanks for linking up with us!

  5. Erin!!! Your decorations are absolutely gorgeous!!!! I love them all!

  6. I love the simple touches of Fall. Just my style.