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Today I have been banished to the basement.  As I am sitting here typing this the guys are upstairs banging my floor together!  I canNOT wait to see it all done (and to share it with you!)!!!

My sweet friend, Erin, did a ‘Currently’ post today and I thought it sounded like a good idea since I have never done one before.


Watching Garfield with Brennan.  Since we are stuck in the basement I thought I’d let him watch cartoons so he’d be quiet while Tate was napping 5 short feet away.

Listening to the guys upstairs banging and sawing. 

Feeling cooped up.

Reading Call The Midwife by Jennifer Worth.  Love this book but I don’t seem to find much time to sit and read these days.  It’s been slow going on my part.  Normally I devour books but lately I just don’t sit and read like before the baby was born. 

Eating a little less junk.  I haven’t been in the candy bowl in over a week and it feels good!

Missing my husband.  After him being home the last 2 days tearing up the flooring I had already gotten used to him being around.  Miss flirting with him.  Think I’ll send him a love note text.

Anxious about summer break.  I get anxiety over what I’m going to do to entertain Aiden every year.  The kid loves going to school to see his friends, burn off steam and get out of the house.  He gets so bored at home all summer. I try to sign him up for as many day camps as possible but those run out in early July (why do they pack them all into the same month?).  I’m hoping to find some fun science experiments to try with him on rainy, boring days. 

Excited for the weekend.  We are celebrating our niece’s 14th birthday Friday night, and watching our 5 year old niece’s dance recital Saturday.

Celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary Sunday!  I can’t believe it’s been 12 years already!  You never think you can love someone more than you do at that time, then you wake up the next day and love them a little more!  It’s totally like that with me for Andy.  I love that man! 

Wondering why I didn’t think to bring snacks down here with me. My tummy’s growling!  I was smart enough to bring down a giant glass of ice water, though.  That’ll have to do for now.

Scared of the spider Brennan saw in his Imaginext Castle that he lost track of before we could kill it.  My skin is crawling knowing that spooky little guy is roaming around in here with us.

What are you ‘currently’ doing/thinking/feeling/excited for?


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  1. Wow 12 years?! I feel like our 9 years is long! Happy Anniversary this weekend! And I seriously hope you find that spider!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!

    I am currently in the process of moving...not exciting at all but my weekend will be! Baseball, baby shower and a concert!! Hope you have a fun weekend:)

  3. Go get you some snacks!!! 12 years is awesome!

  4. I hope you find the spider!! EEK!

  5. I love this post. I am so stealing it... I have writers block this week. I can't wait to see your floors. Ew- spiders. I was driving on the interstate the other day and I watched one crawl across my windshield... on the inside. I had to do everything I could not for lose my shit because I was trapped between two semi's. Find that spider and kill it.

  6. Bah! SPIDERS! No! No! No! No! No!

  7. Also, I'm probably so late to the party - but I love your new blog design! LOL! I always look from my phone so I hadn't noticed! xo

  8. Happy 12 Years to you and Andy! You two are seriously the cutest!
    Can't wait to see the completed reno! :)