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Brennan’s Preschool Graduation


Cue the waterworks.

I am a crier (something I’ve mentioned many times before), and when it comes to firsts and lasts I’m over the top with my crying! 

Last night was Brennie’s Preschool Graduation.  Oh my goodness, was it the cutest little thing ever! They wore caps and gowns (adorable), they sang a few songs that were so super cute (I usually think elementary school songs are cheesy but these were so great and fun!) and they had an awesome slide show set to music with pics of the kiddos from the whole school year. 


The preschool staff did an awesome job putting this graduation ceremony together!  They made some pretty cool diplomas for the kids with their picture on them, so neat.  They each got their name called individually and the head teacher called them all by their first, middle and last name without a cheat sheet!  That tells me she knows these kids really well and loves them.  The cute little gal in the corner of this next picture is Bren’s friend, Maddie, but what I was really trying to capture was Brennie getting his diploma from the school Dean of Students (a.k.a Principal).


After they received their diplomas they stood off to the side of the stage to get their picture taken by their parents.  Here’s my graduate!


And to really twist the knife that was already in my heart all night they turned around to face the audience after all getting their diplomas and sang a “Goodbye to My Friends” song.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yep, I was that mom!  Tears just a streaming!  Oh my Brennie Joe, when did you grow up so fast? 

Nope, nope!  I’m not going to start again!  At least not until Wednesday when he has his very last day EVER of Preschool.  *tears*

Here’s a pic of that last song.  See them waving goodbye?


Then, just like in high school, they tossed their caps at the end! 


Well, sort of.  Ha ha, I think they were nervous about it. 

My folks came to help Bren celebrate.  Mom stood in the back and held Tate the whole time taking advantage of some extra snuggles with him.


After the program was over we had a cake and lemonade reception.  Then came home and snapped one more pic of our graduate.


My sweet little handsome guy.  *Sigh*  Time is going too fast.  I don’t even want to think about his high school graduation.  I’m glad I have these pictures from last night, though, they’ll be fun to pull out at that time and compare. 

Do you remember your preschool graduation?  Do you cry at your kids’ events? 

Have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. This is so adorable! Drew is in preschool right now, but since I work year round, there's not really a graduation. Our school does a pre-k graduation though and I'm sure i'll ball my eyes out then!

  2. Awww... These kiddos grow up way too fast!
    Today's our last day at the preschool. As we were preparing for graduation yesterday we were trying to find the cd we usually have playing. When "Let them be Little" came on, we knew we found it. I got all teary and none of these are my kids!

  3. Oh my gosh yes, I'm such a crier... like embarrassing sometimes! I bawled - hysterically - at my kids pre-school graduations! Haha, I'm such a sap! So you are definitely not alone! Congrats to Brennan on his graduation... what a special night for your family! <3

  4. I want to cry just thinking about my girls being in preschool while reading this! Love the pic of your boys and your dad, warms my heart! Way to go Brennan!

  5. Oh my, I'm crying for you!! So exciting, but so sad for us parents!!

  6. I am absolutely a crier!!! It warms my heart everytime you post a picture of your dad. It's good to see he is doinh so well.

  7. Super cute ceremony!!! And I will be right with you in about 3 years. I am the biggest crier, too. I always feel so ridiculous, but I just can't stop myself.