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Woot Woot! It’s NOVEMBER!!!

OMG, I am so beyond excited that it’s NOVEMBER!!!!  I am almost busting out of my skin with excitement!  I love love LOVE Thanksgiving!  And I am already so super excited for Christmas, I’m dying to listen to Xmas music and watch Xmas movies!!!  This year feels so different from last year.  Last year I was pregnant but hated EVERYTHING. I hated music on the radio, anything that was on TV and I was so NOT interested in decorating for the holidays.  I actually sat on the couch and just handed the boys and Andy ornaments to hang on the tree instead of actually participating.  It sucked.  This year I don’t feel like that AT ALL!!!  I am back to my normal self of sending emails out to organize holiday meals, events and get-togethers.  Yes, it’s November 1st, but with everyone’s busy schedules this time of year it’s smart to get those emails out EARLY!!! (Yes, I am a freak! Ha ha!)

The boys had a great Halloween.  This year we skipped the “random house/door to door” bit and just went to family and friends, which worked out so great!  They still ended up with plenty of candy but were also able to make the day of my dad’s aunt and uncle!  They live in the boonies (out in the country) and don’t get many trick or treaters so were thrilled when we pulled in.  That started the night off right, and from then on it was all about spending some time catching up with family and friends.  Definitely the way to go for our family! 


*The funny look on Aiden’s face is because Brennan’s horse is eating ‘him’.  Thought that needed some explanation.*

I never showed you pics of our pumpkin carving evening, so here are a few of those.


Happy Friday, and better yet, HAPPY NOVEMBER!!!



  1. an electric knife to cut the pumpkin? well i feel dumb.

  2. As fun as Halloween is I was ready for a new month!
    Your boys crack me up. Love their costumes. Too cute!

  3. Love the pizza costume!! I am thinking about the possibility of a holiday party, but I'm not quite certain it will work yet...

  4. Happy November!! The boys, and the pumpkins looked great!