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Linking up with Jodi and the gals for my newest favorite link up!

This week’s ‘This or That’ topic is Fears.

This or That Link Up

Heights, Deep water: I’ve recently discovered a fear of heights, but if I was in really deep water, like at the bottom of the ocean, I’d be more afraid of the deep water.  At least at a height I can still breathe!

Snakes, Spiders:  Ew to both!! But having a snake in the house is much scarier than having a spider in the house!  And I don’t shriek when I see a spider outside, but I definitely do if I see a snake outside! Ick!  I guess ‘snake’ is my answer.

Losing all your teeth, losing all your hair:  Losing all of my hair for sure.  You can always get dentures and no one is the wiser, wigs are much harder to make look real and natural.

No voice, no hearing: I’d rather not have a voice because you can still communicate with people.  With no hearing you’d never hear a song or your kid’s voices or your amazing husband telling you ‘I love you’, that’d be horrendous!

Eating a bug, eating intestines:  O! M! G!!!!  I can’t even answer this!  Neither of them are fathomable (is that a word?).  Just EW!!!

I believe next week is the Thanksgiving Food edition, can’t wait!  The answer to all of my questions is PUMPKIN PIE, ha ha!!!



  1. OMG Eating a bug is not right.. Period.. ha

  2. This looks like a fun link up! I agree about the no voice (I'm sure my hubby would be happy!)

  3. Thanks for linking up... the questions were hard for me to even come up with!! Next week will be much better, and I'm with ya on answering pumpkin pie to everything!!

  4. Spiders - hands down!!! I just can't.

  5. I have to go with snakes on this one. They make me never want to leave my house!

  6. ha! I couldn't agree more with you on the last one! I know there are people in the world who eat bugs...I'm just thankful I don't have to! Yuck!

  7. Totally agree with you about dentures. It's so hard to get wigs that look real, and they're super expensive!

    - Lauren @

  8. I agree with almost all your answers!! Especially the deep water, and heights! So scary!!!
    But I'd take losing hair over teeth!! Guess that shows our backgrounds! Lol!!!

  9. Unfathomable is a word, I think! And I totally understand what you are saying about losing your hearing-- not being able to hear your loved ones tell you they loved you, etc would just be too much of a loss. PS- dropping in by way of the link up and just loving your cute space :)

  10. UGH such hard choice...I'll take none of the above. lol