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My New Favorites And An Old One

A couple of my new favorite songs.

(Skip ahead to the 2:00 mark where the actual music starts.  This is a racy video, beware!)

Uh, yes!  I’d be alright making love like gorillas with Bruno!  Yummy!  But holy crap is that a racy video!!!  Yowsa.

This one is much more tame. 

Aw, Miss Miranda, you can do no wrong in my eyes!  Love that girl!  That is one of those ‘crank it up’ songs! 

If you aren’t ready for Christmas songs yet then skip this one, but I had to share it because I just love it!

I’ve always loved Neil Diamond and I love most of his versions of Christmas songs but I love this one the most because he actually wrote it himself and it just captures what Christmas is about with the ones you love.  Super great song!

Happy listening (and viewing)!



  1. when I first heard the gorilla song I was like WTF? But it is a good jam and I find myself singing along...The prob is Bruno I just don't find him at all. So I'll pass on the gorilla banging with him. lol I'm always looking for new songs to add to my workout playlist...keep em coming!!

  2. I love my Miranda Lambert!!! I usually can't listen to Keith Urban but this is my jam. I love her!!!

  3. ummm, how did I not know you were a Neil fan? I love him!!! I saw him in concert years ago when he came to St. Louis. I went with Todd, my sister, her husband, and my mom and dad! So much fun. He was like the only person we would listen to on road trips, because it is the only music we could all agree upon.

  4. Woah - the first video - racy is RIGHT. DANG!

  5. Neil Diamond, yes! Love him, especially Forever in Blue Jeans!
    And Bruno, don't get me started. I liked him, and then saw him in concert in July. Now I LOVE him!! Especially that dirty little song!