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My Guest Post–All About Hair!

Well, I was going to be guest posting over at Brew Mama’s great blog but we couldn’t figure out how to get the pics of the hair products to show up on her blog, it just wasn’t working. Boo!  So, I deleted the garb about myself and the rest of this is my post for Alicia. 

Which leads me to today’s topic. It’s all about HAIR! And a quick PSA (Public Service Announcement). YOU SHOULD ALWAYS ALWAYS PUT SOME PRODUCT IN YOUR HAIR BEFORE DRYING IT OR LETTING IT AIR DRY. Not only does the product you use help hold the style you give it, more importantly it helps protect your strands! Everything from your blow dryer and flat iron, to the wind, sun and you running your fingers through your hair can damage it, so put some sort of defense on there to help keep it healthy.

Which products, you ask? Here’s a run down of some of my favorites. And no, they aren’t all professional products!

Let’s start with something else you should be doing to your hair – Deep Conditioning. You should be deep conditioning your hair weekly. Most people don’t do this! Gasp!!! Everyone should do this, but especially anyone who has a chemical process done to their hair (highlights, colors, perms, etc). There are quite a few DC’s to choose from, and it all depends on your hair type and the amount of damage you are trying to correct. It’s best to ask your stylist for some suggestions. Here are a couple of options.

clip_image001Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Conditioner

clip_image002Biolage by Matrix, Conditioning Balm

Now, how do you DC your hair? Wash it with your shampoo, then apply the DC (roots to ends) completely covering each strand. An easy way to make sure of this is to use a wide tooth comb to comb it through your hair. Then put your hair up in a shower cap (super cheap, you can get these at WalMart/Target/Drug Stores) and finish up your shower. Dry off then wrap your head, cap and all, up in your warm towel. Leave it on at least 20 minutes, but you can leave it on even longer if you want (up to an hour). Rinse it out and style your hair as usual. Again, do this weekly.

A natural way to DC your hair is to use Coconut Oil. I have done this and it makes your hair super soft! Instead of reinventing the wheel follow this link to see a tutorial. One thing she forgets to mention is to apply your daily conditioner after you shampoo the coconut oil out.

Now, you’ve deep conditioned your hair, what products should you put in that mane of yours now? Here is a list of some of my favorites.

clip_image003Chi Pearl Complex – oil that you put in your hair before everything else, makes it super soft and smooth! A little goes a long way!

clip_image004Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Leave In Conditioner. No, not a professional product but I love it all the same! I put it in almost every day, especially those days I am using my flat iron to straighten my hair. If you want soft hair, use this!

clip_image005Big Sexy Hair Root Pump – love this stuff for giving me some volume up top!

clip_image006Suave Professionals Mousse – Ok, again with Suave, but I swear this is the best mousse I’ve ever used!!! When you rub it between your hands it stays puffy, doesn’t deflate! I love this stuff!

clip_image007Chi Straight Guard – this is a smoothing cream you put in to, well, smooth! It makes your flat iron sail through your hair and your hair is super smooth and soft. My hair holds curl very well but doesn’t stand a chance holding one when this stuff is in. You’ve been warned!

clip_image008Chi Infra Texture Action Spray – this is versatile. You can use it as a light-weight hairspray or as a thermal spray, meaning to spray it on your hair before you use a heat tool on it (curling iron, flat iron).

clip_image009Kenra Volume Spray 25 – This is, hands down, the best hair spray ever! It has great hold but doesn’t build up on your hair! Love it!

I hope you give a couple of these products a try, I love them all!

Thanks to Alicia for handing the reigns of her blog over to me for a day! I hope you stop by Homemade Happenings and say hello to me soon!



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  2. I'm so sad we couldn't get it to work... I love this post. Thank you for trying so hard to help me out.

  3. Kenra 25- MY ALL TIME FAVORITE!!! I remember our frequent trips to State Beauty while at La' James. I miss those things :(
    Do you follow Kate @ The Small Things Blog? She just did a video on her favorite hair products.

  4. I've been on the lookout for a leave-in product for the longest time!! Will the leave-ins work ok with curling gel? I can't diffuse without the gel - my hair goes all sorts of crazy without a little help.

  5. Will you still be my friend if I tell you I only shampoo once a week...and that's all I do with my hair (besides combing it)?!

  6. What would you recommend for someone who is going to be getting a spiral permanent tonight? hee hee! Thanks for the tips!!! Now, I need to get out there and buy some stuff.