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Craft Show/Kitchen/Painting Kind Of Weekend

Good Monday to you!  How was your weekend?  We were busy working on the dining room and kitchen again, but did get a little time to have some fun too. 

Saturday morning Brennan and I met my mom and went to a little craft show the next town over from my hometown.  Unfortunately it was pretty lame, but we made the most of it and had a nice time.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Andy and Aiden started working on the upper cabinets for the kitchen.  That afternoon I started painting the dining room.  Didn’t take long, wasn’t too much to paint.  The color we went with wasn’t one from the swatches we picked out – hated all of those colors once we painted samples on the wall.  Instead, Andy found a full gallon of paint from our previous house in the basement.  It’s a light beige/tan color. We decided that since we already had it we might as well use it, then maybe in a year try to find a color we like then.  Well, we painted that color on the walls and love it!  So we saved money on paint and used up something we already had.  Score! 

Sunday we finally got the cabinets hung up.  They look so great, Andy did an awesome job!  He’s really good with is hands (twss).  The only thing we have left to do is hang the trim.  Not very difficult, just time consuming to cut all of the angled cuts to go around the corners.  And Andy is going to build a shelf to span between two cabinets that will hang over the fridge so it’s not just wasted space up there.  It’ll look really great when he’s done.  Thanks, Love, for prettying up our kitchen!  I love it!  And you! Mwah!

No Baby Aspen today, she’s going to try out her new sitter a few days this week.  So what to do with my free day all to myself??  Well, I have some cards to make, also need to move a few things around in the cabinets to fill the ones Andy put up yesterday.  I should walk on the treadmill.  I should empty and wash out the cabinets in the kitchen then put everything back.  Going to meet my one true love for lunch.  Laundry.  I guess I’ll be busy after all!  Throw a nap in there, hee hee, and it’ll be time to pick the boys up from school. 

Friday night I was reading my Better Homes and Garden magazine, saw an ad in there for some comforters.  Liked one enough to go online to to order one and picked it up yesterday.  LOVE it!!!  It’s reversible so I can change up the look in my bedroom when I get bored.  It’s super warm and squishy, we slept good under it last night!  I almost need to take the extra blanket off the bed.  Maybe that’s because I have a built in heater in my belly these days. 

  Better Homes and Gardens Trieste Comforter Bedding Set

Another busy week in our household this week.  Tonight is Clover Kids for Aiden (the younger version of 4-H), tomorrow is Voting Day (get out there and do your civic duty!), Thursday night I’m going to a Christmas Open House at my church’s gift shop with a friend, then we’re knocking on the weekend’s door again.  Speaking of weekends, we’re to the point where I can list off something we’re doing every weekend between now and Christmas.  Only 6 weekends to go!  And I’m so behind on my shopping, I’m freaking out!  I did get some done this weekend online, felt great.  And using Ebates I’m getting $6 back from just one order!  Love that!  Also went to Goodwill and picked out some hideous coffee cups for my sister – don’t get upset, she told me to!  She wanted some cups for their camper and told me to go to Goodwill and pick out some fun/funky/ugly ones for fun.  So I did as told!  Love that about her, she’s sent me to Goodwill to get her funky crap before, it’s fun to get out of the mall and get something different.  I was so proud of them, brought them home (all 4 are different) and showed them to Andy.  Got to my last one, my fav of them all, and Andy says “OMG (ok, my words, not his)!  My parents used to have these!!”  Ha ha!  Too funny!  And it was UGLY!  So that was fun to get that checked off my list.

Welp, I think I’ve rattled on long enough this morning.  Hopefully by week’s end I’ll have the before and after’s of our kitchen and dining room done for you.

Have a great week!



  1. Ha! I love the ugly goodwill finds! We have nothing planned for this weekend and I can't wait. I am exhausted!! I need a break!

  2. Sounds like you have a busy day, and very busy weeks leading up to Christmas! It's going to fly by! I love that comforter! Looks so cozy!

  3. Your weekends have to be some of the busiest I ever hear about!
    I bust out at the "twos" - BAHA!!
    Woohoo for Goodwill finds. A lot of our Halloween costumes in years past have come courtesy of Goodwill. :)

  4. I love your TWSS comment! I say that all the time, and sometimes I really have to bite my tongue because it would be SO inappropriate!!