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A Few Things

Why oh why isn’t there a link up to do today?  I’m totally at a loss for what to write about today.  Guess I’ll go random and see where it takes me.

I found these Oreo’s Monday while shopping with Andy and Brennan.  DANGER DANGER!!!  They are pretty darn good! They taste like the red Andes mints, which are so delicious too!  Buy with caution (and not at all if you’re on a diet!)!  This will be my one and only purchase of these this season, promise!


Monday we got our first snowfall.  It was beautiful!  And felt so Christmassy, especially with the Christmas tunes playing on the radio!  Up in the big big city, where we were when I took this picture, they received about an inch of snow.  Here at home, about a half inch.  There are a few traces of it left but the temps warmed up and the sun came out and melted most of it already.  I’m hoping there’s more where that came from!


I found this awesome burlap star tree topper at our cute little church gift shop last week at their open house.  I love it, but didn’t buy it.  Still thinking about going back and getting it, though. 


I made a couple of cards a week or so ago.  One for Aspen’s 1st birthday and the other for Andy’s parent’s 40th anniversary.  I’m pretty happy with how they both turned out.


That’s all I have for you today.  Have a great Thursday!



  1. RANDOMMMMMMMMM posts! My favorite!

  2. Wee have random days from time to time. :) I love those cards you made!

  3. Ummm, I feel like I need those cookies in my life! They look amazing! And I am loving the snow! I wish it would snow in the STL! I think you need the star and as always, I love your cards

  4. OMG those Oreos!!!! Get in my belly!!
    That tree topper - go back and get one - it's awesome!

  5. Miiiight need to get my hands on those Oreos... and by 'might' I mean I absolutely do!

  6. That tree topper is gorgeous!! And so are your cards!!
    I can't find those Oreos up here, but it did find a walmart knock off! Not the same as an Oreo, but pretty darn good!! The box is almost gone! Whoops!!