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Super Random Friday

Oh boy, Mean Ang, have I got a random post for you today! (One time Ang told me she loved my random posts because they were so … random. Ha!)
Back in the day when Andy and I lived in Cedar Rapids (2 years ago already!) we would entertain ourselves in the evenings by watching old videos on You Tube.  I got the hankering to do that again this week.  How did you like Extreme’s “More Than Words” back in the day?  No one can beat some good Tesla “Love Song”!  And how about this gem?!?  If Debbie Gibson would go back on tour with all of her old songs I would SO be there, in the front row!!!
What would you think if I started posting videos on here of songs I love?  I’ve been throwing the idea around but wasn’t sure if anyone would care.  Remember, I love oldies!

We’ve had a little friend hanging around on the screen around our porch.  He’s been showing up randomly for the past 3 weeks.  We had caught one of these Praying Mantises 2 springs ago and Aiden took it school to show off.  When we brought it home it attacked us!  Vicious little creature, that one was.  So I haven’t let the boys get too close to this guy.

Do you ever go through your junk folder?  I do because once in a while I get a blog comment to go there instead of my inbox.  I always chuckle at the goodies that get sent there.  Check out (below) Max Penis, Sexy Play and Watch This Video.  Interesting.  And how did I start getting these types of emails???
I haven’t shown you the ‘outtakes’ from our baby announcement photo session.  I can’t even remember if I told you how it all came to be, so I’m going to now and if I’m repeating myself, sorry.
Andy figured out how to set the timer on my new fancy camera so we took that and the tripod out to an old dirt road and set it up.  I do believe we were there a little too early, my vision was for the sun to be half setting.  But I digress.  So we set the thing up and take a picture.
Okay, sure, that will work.  Then we get the boys and me set up in our positions holding the sign, Andy sets the timer, then hauls a$$ to run back and get in the picture.  We stand there and wait, watching it slowly flash, listening to it slowly beep. Then it picks up speed, I yell “Smile!” and it takes the picture.
Okay, not bad.  But how about we zoom in a bit?  Position us, set the timer, Andy runs, beeps, flashes, “Smile!”.
Hmm, is Brennan smiling?  Is Andy’s face too shadowed??  Let’s try it again.
Bah ha ha!!!  We start laughing at how Andy has to run to get in the picture!!!  Cracked us up!
How about a different position?
Umm, Aiden, your head is blocking the ‘B’.  Different position!  And so it went for about 10 minutes.  We finally got the shot we wanted, packed up and headed home to clean up the picture and add the words.
From this:
to this:
IMG_0183 (2)
Not too bad for a couple of amateurs!

And there is my randomly random Friday.  Today we are off to the GREAT Iowa State Fair!  I can’t wait!  My mouth is watering for a Hot Beef Sundae!!! Yummo!!!  Pics to come for sure!!!  Did you know the Iowa State Fair is on the list off 100 things to do before you die?!? Yep it is! So come on out!  I’ll meet you there next year!

(This musical, State Fair, is about the Iowa State Fair, in case you didn’t know!)
Have a great weekend!!!


  1. Ahhh I wish I was going to the state fair! eat something fried for meeeee

  2. I need to know more about this hot beef sundae. Is it ice cream? Is it a meat dish? What is it?!?!

    I love the outtakes!!!

    Happy Friday!

  3. I love love love this movie! The songs are so catchy lol. Love the outtakes too of the announcement too cute!

    So excited for the fair! Jr donuts are my all time fav by the pepsi sign!

    Havent answered you text yet cuz idk if Im going tonight yet or not but ill let you know girly!!

  4. Your family is so cute!!! And what is a beef sundae? I'm guessing it involves meat, mashed potatoes and it is sprinkled with gravy. If so, you're so pregnant. Haha

  5. Oh I love me a good fair... have fun!

    Your photo is too cute... it came out perfect!

    Also, what the heck is a hot beef sundae?! I'm curious to see pics of this!

    Have fun!!

  6. I'm SO JEALOUS of you being at the most awesome fair - EVER!
    Adore the "bump" announcement, it's perfect.
    And oh my gosh, my junk box is filled with all sorts of crazy stuff!!

  7. What in the heck is a hot beef sundae??!!
    Your pics turned out SO good for amateurs!!!
    And I love the old videos!! Yes, do post your songs! I'll love it!
    Hope you had fun and were well fed at the fair!

  8. This is definitely one of you top 5 most random posts. I loved it!! 1. I think you should start posting videos. 2. Praying Mantis' freak me out. Plus I heard once it's illegal to kill them or something. 3. I get spam like that all the time. I think they just start sending it out to all email addresses. 4. Your pictures look professionally done. I thought they were! 5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't know what a "hot beef sundae" is. Then it would've been one of those things again that I've never heard of. Right up there with tractor pulls and corn pollen. Hope you had a good night at the fair and ate lots of deliciousness! :)

  9. You did those pictures yourself!?! So good!!